1991’s Hook has always been a divisive title in the filmography of the legendary director Steven Spielberg. The critics were mostly unimpressed with the updated take on Peter Pan, but audiences still turned out in droves, and the film proved a childhood favourite for many – not least because it packed in a cast of endearing young newcomers as the Lost Boys of Neverland.

But whatever happened to the child actors who appeared in Hook? Read on to see what became of them, and what they look like now.

Charlie Korsmo – Jack Banning

Charlie Korsmo was 13 when Hook first hit screens. He already had five film credits to his name, the most famous being 1990’s Dick Tracy and 1991’s What About Bob? However, post-Hook Korsmo didn’t make another movie until 1998’s Can’t Hardly Wait, after which he left acting behind.

Korsmo excelled academically, studying physics at the prestigious Massachussets Institute of Technology before earning a law degree from Yale and becoming a successful lawyer. He has taken only one movie role in the years since, in 2019’s Chained for Life.

Amber Scott – Maggie Banning

Amber Scott turned just seven shortly before Hook opened, and believe it or not it she had no previous acting experience. However, beyond a voice acting role on 1995 TV docu-drama American Experience, Scott never acted on screen again.

Little is known about her life since, although she is known to have studied at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. In 2019 Scott made her first return to the entertainment industry, as a producer on short film Cannonball.

Dante Basco – Rufio

Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for ReedPop

Most of us who saw Hook as youngsters would agree that Dante Basco’s Rufio – new leader of the Lost Boys in Peter’s absence – was easily the coolest kid in the movie. Basco was 16 at the time, with two credits to his name, and he’s continued to work extensively as an actor since.

Basco has over 140 credits to his name, including But I’m a Cheerleader and Take the Lead. In more recent years he’s done a lot of voice acting roles in animated TV shows including Robot Chicken and Little Demon.

James Madio – Don’t Ask

Credit: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for GBK Productions

James Madio was 13 when he landed the role of Don’t Ask, in what was his very first audition. Not a bad start to an acting career which has endured, with Madio clocking up over 70 more screen credits in the years since.

Madio’s other high profile work includes the movies The Basketball Diaries and Phone Booth, plus TV’s Band of Brothers, Bones and more recently The Offer.

Isaiah Robinson – Pockets

Credit: @isaiahrobinson Instagram

Isaiah Robinson was a mere eight years old when he appeared as Pockets. He was another of the Lost Boy actors whose screen career began and ended there, other than a role in 2005 independent horror movie Dead at the Box Office.

Robinson has since focused more on stage acting and music. On his Instagram page he describes himself as ‘Just a working musician, dedicated to making life better for all.’

Thomas Tulak – Too Small

Credit: @tntulak Instagram

Too Small was actor Thomas Tulak’s very first acting role, at the tender age of seven. Not long thereafter he had recurring roles on sitcoms Cheers and Mad About You, then disappeared from screens until 2008.

As well as appearing in a number of independently produced features and shorts, Tulak has also directed over a dozen short films himself, on which he also served as the cinematographer.

Raushan Hammond – Thud Butt

Best remembered as the Lost Boy who Peter leaves in command at the end of Hook, Raushan Hammond was only nine when cast as Thud Butt. He followed Hook with roles on TV’s Tales from the Crypt, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, ER and Family Matters.

Other than directing and starring in 2011 movie 24 Hours in Las Vegas, Hammond has largely moved away from acting since in favour of a career as a stage magician.

Alex Zuckerman – Latchboy

Before being cast as Latchboy, Alex Zuckerman had made appearances on TV’s Family Ties and Dear John, as well as taking a role in The Exorcist III. He followed Hook with several more live-action film and TV roles, but his last several credits from the late 90s were as a voice actor on animated movies and TV.

After leaving acting behind, Zuckerman studied political science and business at the University of California’s Berkeley College, and is now senior vice president of finance company Great American Capital Partners, LLC.

Ahmed Stoner – No Nap

Credit: Instagram

Ahmad Stoner made his acting debut in Hook as No Nap, and for a while he was a busy child actor. Stoner’s subsequent credits include TV’s The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, A Different World, Boy Meets World and Malcolm in the Middle, amongst others.

Stoner’s last acting credit was in 2002 TV movie Gotta Kick It Up! He’s since worked more extensively behind the camera, as executive producer of 2017 TV series No Chill.

Jasen Fisher – Ace

Credit: Twitter

Aged eleven when he appeared in Hook, Jasen Fisher had already appeared in two firm favourites of the era: 1989 family comedy Parenthood, and 1990’s Roald Dahl adaptation The Witches. However, his role as Lost Boy Ace proved to be the end of Fisher’s screen acting career.

Not a huge amount is known about Fisher these days, but it has been reported that he has worked as a professional poker player and a golf caddie.