Remember This Test Card Girl? THIS Is What She Looks Like Now!

Do you remember Carole Hersee? She was on TV for 30 years, several hours per day, every single day! As of now, she remains the most aired face in British television history.

She was only 8-years-old at the time! She was photographed from her father and then became the centerpiece of test cards. BBC would air them overnight while there was no-air programming.

“My father was helping to design the colour test card and took some photographs at home of my sister and I to give them some ideas of how they could use it,” she recalls.

Here is Carol now:

“And the committee decided in the end that they would use a child in order to get facial colours for the television. And they decided to use me!”

When asked what she does now: “Now I make period costume for the stage: for Phantom of the Opera, stuff for Les Miserables for America…”

“Well, I don’t know because that was my life, wasn’t it. At eight I got my picture taken and it was there!”