Remember Regan From ‘The Exorcist’? Check Her Out NOW!

Growing up we loved watching all of the horror movies. The 80s and 90s had a lot of horror movies that still to this day are well known. I bet you haven’t seen or heard much from the kids that were in these creepy films and that’s why we put this list together for you. After looking at these pictures these once creepy figures of our nightmares really are just normal people! Enjoy!

Linda Blair, ‘The Exorcist’

I think everyone remembers Regan from the classic horror flick ‘The Exorcist’? The spider-walk down the stairs and the green vomit stuck with us throughout the decades. Well, here she is now!

Daveigh Chase, ‘The Ring’

Remember Samara in the creepy film ‘The Ring’? Do you remember when she crawled through the TV? Just creepy! Check her out now!

Harvey Stephens, ‘The Omen’

One of the well-known classics Stephens plays the demonic young Damien in ‘The Omen’! He sure has matured since then!

Isabelle Fuhrman, ‘Orphan’

She starred as Esther, a young girl that was adopted by two emotionally scarred parents who had just went through a loss. The rest is history as she is terrifyingly diabolical in every way imaginable. Check her out now!

Danielle Harris, ‘Halloween 4’ and ‘Halloween 5’

Remember Jamie Lloyd from the horror series Halloween? She was the niece of the boogeyman Michael Myers. Check her out now!

John Franklin, ‘Children of the Corn’

Remember Isaac from ‘Children of the Corn’? He was the one that really got under our skin!  Check him out now!

Lisa and Louise Burns, ‘The Shining’

The Grady twins in the creepy Stephen King adaptation ‘The Shining’ had us all up at night for weeks on end. Check them out now:

Lina Leandersson, ‘Let the Right One In’

She play Eli in the Swedish horror movie ‘Let The Right One In’. Check her out now:

Miko Hughes, ‘Pet Sematary’

Another Stephen King adaptation starring Hughes as the horrifying Gage. Check him out now!

Mischa Barton, ‘The Sixth Sense’

This ghost girl in M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Sixth Sense’ gave us nightmares for days! Check her out now: