Remember Michael Jackon’s Nephews 3T? Here’s What They Look Like Now!


Mentored by the late King of Pop himself, the 1990s boy band 3T consisted of Tariano Adaryll Jackson, Taryll Adren Jackson and Tito Joe Jackson, the three sons of Michael Jackson’s brother Tito.

Known to their fans as Taj, Taryll and T. J., 3T were signed to Michael Jackson’s label MJJ Entertainment in 1994, the year in which they also released their debut album Brotherhood, which went on to sell an impressive three million copies across the globe.

The trio’s first single, Anything, reached number two in the UK and became the 18th biggest selling boy band single of the 1990s with sales of nearly half a million.

3T enlisted the help of their uncle for their fourth single, with Michael Jackson singing the chorus of their ballad Why?, which he had originally planned to record himself for his 1995 album HIStory.

Just like their debut single, Why? reached the number two spot in the UK singles chart, and in 1996 3T were the second best selling group in the whole of Europe, ranking only behind the pop music behemoth that was the Spice Girls.

So what happened to this silky sounding pop trio? Why did Sony refuse to release their second album? And what on earth do Taj, Taryll and T. J. even look like these days? Keep reading to find out!

3T recorded 20 songs for a second album and had even selected the 12 that they planned to include on its final track listing.


Unfortunately, due to their strained relationship with uncle Michael Sony never released any of the group’s new material, work that has become known as 3T’s ‘lost album.’

This was understandably a massive setback for the group, but they did eventually release a second album called Identity, which sadly was a commercial failure that failed to chart in many countries.


Despite their promising career as a group coming to an abrupt end, 3T continued to work in the music business, writing for other artists as well as for film soundtracks.

The trio had already recorded songs for the soundtracks of films such as Free Willy, Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home and Men in Black, and Taryll and T. J. have written and produced songs for the likes of Bruno Mars, Lindsay Lohan and even their aunt Janet Jackson.

They have also been seen on a handful of reality TV shows including This is David Gest and The Jacksons Are Coming, the latter of which saw them staying in a holiday home in Devon, England whilst they searched for a house to buy in the local area.

In 2013 3T performed alongside the likes of Eternal and A1 as part of The Big Reunion, a documentary series that brought together a number of different 1990s boy and girl bands and which culminated in a sellout concert in London.


2015 saw the group release their long-awaited third album Chapter III, which they launched with a surprise gig at the Melkweg concert venue in Amsterdam.

In addition to his work as part of the trio, Taryll Jackson has released a solo album called 4Ever, which he released on Mothers Day 2012 in memory of his late mother.


Taj, Taryll and T. J.’s mother Dee Dee Jackson, who had been divorced from their father Tito since 1988, was found dead in a swimming pool in 1994.

Dee Dee was later ruled to have been murdered by the businessman Donald Bohana, who in 2000 was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for his crime.

3T also paid tribute to their late uncle Michael by performing at Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, during which they all broke down in tears after singing their song Why?

Listening back to 3T’s debut single Anything, it quickly becomes clear that it is one of the most polished R&B songs of all time, let alone the 1990s.

Whatever the future holds for Taj, Taryll and T. J. we wish them all the best, and genuinely hope that their career as writers and producers continues for many more years to come.