Remember Matt And Luke Goss From Bros? Here Is What they Look Like Today

The twins from the boy band Bros. were spotted the other day in Hollywood have dinner and now fans are wondering if the pretty boys are thinking about getting back together for a reform.

Undoubtedly these twins had global success from 1986 to 1992!

They were one of the biggest boy bands in the 80s!

The band was named Bros., short for brothers, and consisted of Matt and Luke and their friend Craig Logan. Reports suggest that Logan left the band at the end of the 80s due to illness and the pressure of fame.

The Bros. boy band was a hit in the 80s.

Since 1992 the brothers have not performed since the early 90s.

Luke went off and pursued a career as an actor and Matt continued his career as a solo artist.

The twins have both achieved major success since the band.

Matt has released 5 albums so far and Luke has been in many major films from Hollywood.

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Here are the twins in LA:

Still looking good after all of those years.

Fans may never know what they were doing out there.

Everyone is hoping for the reboot of the band. The question is will that ever happen? We may never know!

Watch this old music video: