The Neighbours actress, Jiordin Tolli, burst onto our screens 17 years ago.

She starred as Louise ‘Lolly’ Carpenter on Neigbours as a baby. She remained on the show until she was seven years old.

Seventeen years later, Jiordin is all grown up and still has Lolly’s lovely wavy hair, only now she looks like a model in the making.

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Now 24 years old, Jiordin has a massive following on instagram and is trying to break into the music industry.

She got the part of Lolly after her parents answered a casting call when she was only two months old.

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Jiordin’s cousin, Fabio, was married to fellow Neigbours star, Kym Valentine, so the family already had links. She was soon a fan favourite herself.

She quite the show in 2011 when her mum decided that she should concentrate on her school work.

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She later dropped out of acting, saying that she wanted to live a “normal life.”

She added: “It was time to step away and concentrate on studies and family.”

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She said of the show: “I remember the fun times. I was a kid. Who else gets that kind of opportunity when they’re a baby? I wasn’t really acting. I just played on set.”

In 2013 she appeared on The X Factor Australia and came in fifth place.

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Here are some more Neighbour’s stars then and now:

Felicity Scully (Holly Valance)

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Character Felicity Scully from Neighbours appeared on screens 1999 – 2002.

After coming out of Neighbours in 2002, she released her first album Footprints, which included the single “Kiss Kiss”.

In 2004, Valance returned to acting but this time in the United States instead of Australia.

She appeared in episodes of CSI: Miami and Entourage and then in 2005, she appeared in an episode of CSI: NY. In 2006, she appeared in Prison Break as Nika Volek and she also appeared in the National Lampoon comedy Pledge This! alongside American socialite Paris Hilton.

In the same year, she starred in DOA: Dead or Alive, an adaptation of the popular video game Dead or Alive, where she played Christie.

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Did you know Holly had a role in the film Taken alongside Liam Neeson in 2008?

In 2013, Valance was mentor and judge of fashion competition Shopaholic Showdown and then in 2015, she starred in the action film Red Herring as Angela.

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After living in LA for seven years, Valance returned to the UK in 2009.

On 29th September 2012, Valance married billionaire British property developer Nick Candy in Beverly Hills, California.

In November 2013, Valance gave birth in London to their first child, a daughter, Luke Violet Toni Candy and they’re now expecting their 2nd child.

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Anne Wilkinson (Brooke Satchwell)

Character Anne Wilkinson from Neighbours appeared on our TV screens in 1996 and actress Brooke Satchwell captivated her audience with her notoriously rocky relationship with Billy Kennedy.

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With an on-screen relationship that was similar to that of Scott (played by Jason Donovan) and Charlene (played by Kylie Minogue), Anne and Billy shared a memorable scene where they laughed together whilst skinny dipping.

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Brooke was since nominated for Best Actress at the Inside Soap Awards, a year after winning a Logie Award for Most Popular New Talent in 1998.

She also won the people’s Choice Award for Favourite Teen Idol in 2000.

However, she reported to Australian TV news the same year that she “never intended to stay more than three years” on Neighbours, and made the decision to leave the show, leaving her fans devastated.

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Brooke, now aged 36 years old, has continued her acting career in Melbourne.

She has appeared in Dangerous as Donna McCarthy, as Grace Barns in Wonderland and as Frankie in Packed to the Rafters.

Since leaving the soap, Brooke has additionally modelled for Pantene, becoming a spokesperson for the company, and is often a panellist on Dirty Laundry Live, a celebrity gossip show.

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Her highly publicised relationship with Matthew Newton ended after 5 years in 2006, after the controversial actor pleaded guilty to a charge of common assault against Brooke.

Despite this, the conviction never reached a full conclusion and was dropped shortly afterwards.

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Brooke has since found love again and is now engaged with David Gross, a film editor who was born in Sydney, since October 2012.

But she isn’t the only one who is continuing to be successful!

Her old on-screen partner Jesse Spencer (who played Billy Kennedy) has also continued to pursue his acting career and is now a Hollywood star who has kept his handsome good looks.

Libby Kennedy (Kym Valentine)


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Libby Kennedy, later Kennedy- Fitzgerald was the daughter of Karl and Susan Kennedy, who were introduced to the show back in 1994.

The producers decided to introduce a ‘solid’ family to bring the show back to where it started, and attempt to make the show more wholesome and less full of misfits and distant relatives.

Libby was involved in many story lines through her run on the show.

She was involved in a motorbike accident, the loss of her husband (Drew), and the birth of her son (Ben). Libby also married Daniel Fitzgerald, and later separated from him.

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The role of Libby was temporarily recast in 2008, as Kym Valentine was taken ill.

The actress was diagnosed with pneumonia and a collapsed lung and needed time to recover.

She was originally meant to be written out of the show for a week, but the character was involved with too many storylines to be written out.

Instead the role was temporarily played by Michala Banas.

Kym Valentine is now 39 years old, and has a daughter with her ex husband Vince Colosimo, and a son with her current fiance Trent Croad.

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She’s also been involved in theatre productions.

Drew Kirk (Dan Paris)

drew kirk

Drew Kirk first appeared on Neighbours back in 1998, and he soon found work as a mechanic in the local garage.

Drew was loyal, nice, but also rather naive.

Drew soon started dating Libby, and eventually got married on the show, as well as starting their own family together.

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The couple had a child together, Ben.

Unfortunately their happy little family wouldn’t last long as Drew was killed off in 2002.

He died after falling off his horse while riding with Libby.

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The funeral was really upsetting, and very well filmed as it ended with viewers everywhere having a lump in their throat and a tear in their eye.

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Drew however did return three years after his departure. He returned in Stephanie Scully’s dreams.

Yeah, we don’t talk about that episode, even Neighbours had its share of duff moments!

Since his departure from Neighbours Dan has still found work performing on TV, and in a rather strange Neighbour’s spin off, Neighbours vs Zombies. in 2014.


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Dan has also managed to cross over his acting into present a number of TV shows and history documentaries.

Dan Paris

Most recently Dan now lives on a 10 acre property in Esperance, Western Australia with his partner and his two young sons.

And since leaving the soap, Dan Paris has enjoyed his career as a travelling the country as a photographer in Western Australia.

Speaking to the 44-year-old said the first thing he bought after leaving the Ramsey Street was a nice camera to fuel his passion for photography.

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Scott “Stingray” Timmins – (Ben Nicholas)

Scott Timmins was in Neighbours between 2004 and 2007 until the character was killed off, though in that time his character faced his fair share of drama, heartache and tragedy with his partner dying in a plane crash, facing up to being an alcoholic and then dying himself shortly after being a bone-marrow donor for Kerry.

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Ben has continued working in TV.

He is currently writing, producing, and starring in the Australian show, Footballer Wants A Wife, and has also appeared in the odd Neighbours spin-off shows Neighbours Vs Zombies and Neighbours Vs Time Travel.


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Hannah Martin – (Rebecca Ritters)

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Hannah Martin first Joined Neighbours in 1992 before leaving in 1999.

She then rejoined the show some years later but left for good in 2005.

Ritters reprised her role for a brief cameo in the show’s 20th anniversary episode.

Hannah Martin was first introduced as a friend for Toby Mangle, a friendship that was fortuitous when Hannah was nearly kidnapped and Toby managed to foil her abductors!

Since leaving the show, Ritters is now a broadcast journalist.

She has also had a few parts in theatre productions and even had a brief cameo on everyone’s favourite cobbled road, Coronation Street!

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She currently works for Deutsche Welle in Berlin

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Billy Kennedy – (Jesse Spencer)

Billy Kennedy moved to Ramsey Street with his father Karl Kennedy and soon befriended Toadfish and Hannah Martin.

Billy was one of those characters who was around for years without really doing a lot and was eventually written out of the show in a fairly undramatic storyline.

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The actor who played Billy, Jesse Spencer, has gone on to be very successful.

Jesse played Dr Robert Chase in House for 8 years alongside a true British stalwart Hugh Laurie, and is currently playing Matthew Casey in Chicago Fire.

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Connor O’Neill – (Patrick Harvey)

Connor left Neighbours in 2006 under pretty suspicious circumstances, but Harvey reprised his role briefly back in 2012.

He had a string of big story lines including a plane crash seeing him washed ashore, a one-night stand seeing him get Lori pregnant, and then the story line that made people think he’d been killed off when he’d actually just gone travellling.

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He featured in the show for four weeks from late October in Australia and November for UK audiences in 2012 when his character came back in to the show but didn’t really do anything of note.

In 2015, Patrick co-starred in the horror film Scare Campaign, and has since been playing Sinbad in Sherazade: The Untold Stories.

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Rachel Kinski – (Caitlin Stasey)

Rachel Kinski was introduced with her family as they moved to the area of Ramsey Street, she was singled out in school for singing in the corridor and because she had an issue understanding the other students at first.

She later enters in to a forbidden relationship with her new teacher and eventually moves to London where she has a scholarship.

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After leaving the show in 2008, Stasey has continued to have a pretty active acting career.

She can currently be seen on Fox’s APB as Ada Hamilton, and has also starred in Please Like Me as Claire for 3 years.

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8. Zeke Kinski – Matthew Werkmeister

Zeke and his family moved to the area and then the story lines began to start for the family.

Zeke went to an illegal party with Taylah Jordan and the warehouse where they were collapses trapping Zeke inside.

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He later had a rafting accident leaving him with short term memory loss and eventually went on to move to London.

Matthew Werkmeister then went on to star in Chris and Josh on TV as Josh for 4 years and continues to act.

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Sky Mangel – (Stephanie McIntosh)

Sky Mangel was first introduced as a little girl of Kerry who then goes on to marry Joe Mangel.

But when Kerry dies, Sky’s biological father takes custody of her and she was written out for 12 years.

The character was then reintroduced and became well-known for being the first openly lesbian character in Neighbours along with having been involved in the show’s first on-screen lesbian kiss.

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Now, Stephanie continues to act and lives in LA with her family, though she has not been particularly prolific on our screens since leaving Ramsey Street.

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Carmella Cammeniti (Natalie Hoflin)

Carmella was introduced to the show as a barmaid at Lou’s Place where she got in to a relationship with her colleague Connor O’Neill.

She later becomes a nun, tries to sell her cousin’s baby and becomes addicted to prescription drugs – all in a day’s work in Neighbours!

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Natalie married her former Neighbours boyfriend, Oliver Barnes (David Hoflin).

The pair had their son together in 2016. She has continued to act in Crossbones and Groomless Bride.

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Donna Freedman – Margot Robbie

Donna was introduced to Neighbours and quickly got around the street having a string of flings with various characters, wondering if she was pregnant and getting crushed by scaffolding before moving off to New York.

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If you’ve seen basically any movie in the last three years, then you’ll recognise acting A-list celebrity Margot Robbie.

She bared all in Wolf of Wall Street and played Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad so has certainly made a success of herself since leaving Ramsey Street!

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Ringo Brown – Sam Clark

Ringo Brown was a bit of a character, he wanted to do the right thing, eating properly and working out but it never seemed to have quite the desired effect, and eventually he was killed in a freak bike accident when Stephanie Scully hits him with her bike when he’s walking back to his car.

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Sam went on to have a pretty successful music career in Australia. He also recently appeared in Fox’s Grease Live alongside Vanessa Hudgens!

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Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi – Ryan Moloney

Introduced as the little brother of “Stonefish”, “Toadfish” was one of those irritating lads who seemed a waste of space but then turned out to have a secretly very high IQ and became a popular character in Neighbours, staying in it for years!

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Moloney is still acting in the Australian soap – he’s been on Neighbours for the last 22 years, making him one of the show’s longest standing residents.

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Bree Timmins – Sianoa Smit-McPhee

Bree was only in the show for a couple of years in the mid 2000’s but made a bit of an impact and showed a caring side right from the off when she won a national spelling bee and offered the money to her family who were in a lot of debt.

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Sianoa continues to act, as does her brother Kodi. Sianoa has appeared in All Cheerleaders Die, Criminal Minds and The Kettering Incident, so she has been keeping very busy.

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Janae Timmins – Eliza Taylor

Janae Timmins hit Neighbours and took the show by storm being involved in some particularly heavy story lines including sexual assault, blackmail and a HIV scare!

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Eliza left the show to pursue her career in Hollywood. She is now the lead in the CW’s post-apocalypse show The 100 so has done very well for herself since!

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Paul McClain – Jansen Spencer

Paul was brought in to Neighbours as a child with a very difficult start in life, but he is taken under the wing of Harold and Madge who foster him so they can give him the best start possible.

He goes on to star in a lot of storylines and it was particularly memorable and poignant when Madge died of cancer and he tried to make sure her last days were the very best they could possibly be as she was the best mum he could have asked for.

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There’s not a lot of info about what Jansen is up to now, but he was a budding photographer so we bet this is where he has gone on to do bigger and better things.

His best bud Tad (Jonathon Dutton) is now directing Neighbours!

So what did you think of our comprehensive list of Neighbours stars and what they’re up to now? Let us know in the comments as always!

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