Remember Lofty From EastEnders? Check Him Out Now!

Back in the 80s, this show was one of UK’s highest rated programs which followed the lives of the residents of Walford. Since then, many wonder what happened to some of our beloved characters. So, let’s take a look at where they went after the show ended.

1. Sean Maguire – Aidan Brosnan.

Shortly after leaving this show he landed another role as Marty Dangerfield in the TV series ‘Dangerfield’. He’s also been on the ABC’s series ‘Once Upon a Time’.

2. Michael Greco – Beppe di Marco.

After his days on this show, he starred in ABC’s ‘Revenge’ and also played in the series ‘Hatfields & McCoys’. He even had a role in the movie ‘Misfire’. So, he’s been keeping busy!

3. Lucy Benjamin – Lisa Fowler.

Since her days in this show, she won ‘X-Factor: Battle of the Start’, appeared in ‘All Star Family Fortunes and also appeared on the reality TV series, ‘I’m a Celebrity. . . Get Me Out Of Here!’.

4. Gillian Taylforth – Kathy Sullivan.

She went on to appear in the TV drama series ‘Footballers Wives’ and has even participated in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. She was also a contestant on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

5. Paul Nicholls – Joe Wicks.

He played on other TV shows such as ‘The Passion’ ‘Harley Street’ ‘Holby City’ and ‘Law & Order: UK’.

6. Michelle Ryan – Zoe Slater.

She moved to Hollywood and landed the role in the TV remake of ‘Bionic Woman’ which only lasted one season. Then she went back to England and played some roles in ‘Merlin’ and ‘Doctor Who’.

7. Leonard Fenton – Doctor Harold Legg.

He mostly retired after this show except for an appearance in the movie ‘Underground’ and on one episode of ‘Doctors’. He enjoys singing in and painting landscapes.

8. Kara Tointon – Dawn Swann.

She went on to record a documentary called ‘Kara Tointon: Don’t Call Me Stupid’ which deals with dyslexia. She even on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

9. Anita Dobson – Angie Watts.

After her role in this show she took to the stage and starred in ‘Chicago’ and ‘Hamlet’. She even landed some more TV series shows on ‘Split Ends’ and ‘Get Well Soon’.

10. Richard Elis – Huw Edwards.

He appeared in many TV series such as ‘Doctors’ ‘All Shook Up!’ ‘Hinterland’ and ‘Ordinary lives’. He even had a role on ‘35 Diwrnod’.

11. Des Coleman – Lenny Wallace.

After his role on this show, he managed to land a few, small roles but then took to being a weatherman on ‘East Midlands Today’ and later on iTV News Central as the weather presenter.

12. Deepak Verma – Sanjay Kapoor.

He went on to be quite successful with many roles in shows such as ‘Doctors’ ‘Holby City’ and ‘Dominion’.

13. Gary Beadle – Paul Trueman.

He later had roles in ‘Thieves Like Us’ ‘Doctors’ and ‘The Interceptor’. He even played in the film ‘In the Heart of the Sea’.

14. Adam Croasdell – Dr. Al Jenkins.

He was later on the TV series ‘Bond, James Bond’ and also appeared in ‘Supernatural’ ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Body of Proof’.

15. Louise Plowright – Julie Cooper.

She focused on her career in the theater and played in ‘Mamma Mia’. She also had a role in ‘Grange Hill’.

16. Linal Haft – Harry Gold.

He later appeared in movies such as ‘Outside Bet’ ‘After Death’ ‘The Gatehouse’ and ‘The Search for Simon’.

17. Sudha Bhuchar – Meena McKenzie.

She remained acting on television in roles on ‘Casualty’ and ‘Stella’.

18. Craig Fairbass – Dan Sullivan.

He landed a role in the movie ‘White Noise 2: The Light’ and even made appearances in TV shows such as ‘Stargate SG1’. His other movie roles include ‘Breakdown’ and ‘London Heist’.

19. Patsy Palmer – Bianca Jackson.

She has released several fitness DVD’s and an autobiography called ‘All of Me’.

20. Michelle Collins – Cindy Beale.

She played on many TV shows including ‘Two Thousand Acres of Sky’ ‘Sunburn’ ‘Rock Rivals’ and ‘Coronation Street’.

21. Maisie Smith – Tiffany Butcher.

She grew up to focus on her singing and released her own single called ‘Good Thing’.

22. Sophie Thompson – Stella Crawford.

She was in some great movies such as ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1’.

23. Linda Davidson – Mary Smith.

She continued to act after this show and also went on to work in digital media for BBC and Channel 4.

24. Michael French – David Wicks.

He later appeared on the show ‘Crime Traveller’ ‘Holby City’ and ‘Casualty’.

25. Tom Watt – George “Lofty” Holloway.

He appeared in films such as ‘Saint Jude,’ ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘The Cucaracha Club’. He also went on to become a sports journalist and even a ghost writer for David Beckham’s autobiographical book. Now, he is the lead presenter for BBC London’s soccer.

26. Martin Kemp – Steve Owen.

He later played on ‘Serious and organized’ and also in the movies ‘Back in Business’ ‘Jack Falls’ and ‘The Best Years’.

27. Shana Swash – Demi Miller.

She was in the TV movie ‘The Crime Wave’ and also in the film ‘My Feral Heart’.

28. Jack Ryder – Jamie Mitchell.

He starred in the movie ‘Popcorn’ and did some more TV shows including ‘The Hollow Crown’ and ‘Holby City’.

29. Martine McCutcheon – Tiffany Mitchell.

She went on to be a pop star with her first single being ‘Perfect Moment’.

30. James Alexandrou – Martin Fowler.

He had roles in William Shakespeare’s plays and has had many roles on other TV series as well.

31. Nick Berry – Simon Wicks.

He was later the star of the police series ‘Heartbeat’ and had roles in ‘Harbour Lights’ and ‘In Deep’ as well.