Desmond Francis “Des” Barnes is a fictional character from the British soap opera Coronation Street, and 90s kids will remember that he was played by Philip Middlemiss. Over the course of his time on Corrie, Des was deeply in love with Steph, but she didn’t seem to care as deeply for him, and eventually left poor Des for another man. Des had been building a boat in the back garden for years, and the date of the launch coincided with Steph leaving him. Fans will remember that he burned the boat on a canal.

When Terry Duckworth was in prison, Des offered his back garden to his wife Lisa for their son Tommy to play in. His relationship with Lisa gradually strengthened until she moved in with him. Terry subsequently arranged for some criminal associates outside the prison to beat Des. Terry’s mother Vera was furious, accusing Des of breaking up her son’s marriage and referring to him as a bookie’s runner. But she gradually began to respect Des when she realised how good a father figure Des was for Tommy.

Philip Middlemiss left the show in November 1998 when his ill-fated character was killed off. In the article below, we take a look at what the actor has been up to since then – some of it might well surprise you.

So what does “Des” look like now? Check him out!

Here is Des Barnes as we know him from Coronation Street:

Des Barnes in Coronation Street
Image Source

This is what Philip Middlemiss looks like now:

Since leaving Coronation Street he has appeared as David Buckley in the ITV drama Where the Heart Is, from 2000 to 2006.

He appeared in a celebrity edition of Come Dine with Me in 2010 with other former Coronation Street stars, Julie Goodyear, Tupele Dorgu and Ken Morley. He finished first on 23 points winning £1,000 for his chosen charity.

On 30 May 2012, Middlemiss declared himself bankrupt.

Philip Middlemiss today
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However, he’s not the only one that we remember from this show and there have been many actors over the years. So, here’s a peek at some of our other favourites both then and now!

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See more great now and then pics below…

Philip Lowrie – Dennis Tanner

Philip Lowrie played Dennis Tanner from 1960 (the first episode) to 1968, and then reappeared in 2011 to 2014.

Philip Lowrie as Dennis Turner
Image Source

Bernard Youens – Stan Ogden

He played Hilda’s husband, Stan Ogden. He was on the show for over 20 years.

Bernard Youens as Stan Ogden
Image Source

Peter Adamson – Len Fairclough

His character was Len Fairclough and he was on the show from 1961 to 1983.

Peter Adamson as Len Fairclough
Image Source

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Jean Alexander – Hilda Ogden

She was Hilda Ogden and she even won a BAFTA for the TV “Best Actress” category for her role.

Jean Alexander as Hilda Ogden
Image Source

John Savident – Fred Elliot

He played Fred Elliot, the butcher from 1994 to 2006.

John Savident as Fred Elliot
Image Source

Brian Capron – Richard Hillman

He appeared on the show from 2001-2003 as Richard Hillman.

Brian Capron as Richard Hillman in Coronation Street
Image Source

Charles Lawson – Jim McDonald

His character was James McDonald (Jim).

Charles Lawson as Jim McDonald
Image Source

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Julie Hesmondhalgh – Harold Patterson/Hayley Cropper

The first transgender person on the show – Harold Patterson / Hayley Cropper.

Julie Hesmondhalgh as Harold Patterson/Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street
Image Source

Bruce Jones – Les Battersby

He was Les Battersby on this show.

Bruce Jones as Les Battersby
Image Source

Eileen Derbyshire – Emily Bishop

She was Emily Bishop and she was the longest female character on this show.

Eileen Derbyshire as Emily Bishop
Image Source

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Julie Goodyear – Bet Lynch

She played Bet Lynch and her first appearance was in 1966, and then again from 1970-1995 with yet another re-appearance in the show from 2002-03.

Julie Goodyear as Bet Lynch
Image Source

Arthur Lowe – Leonard Swindley

He was Leonard Swindley in Coronation Street.

Arthur Lowe as Leonard Swindley
Image Source

Elizabeth Dawn – Vera Duckworth

She was Vera Duckworth.

Elizabeth Dawn as Vera Duckworth
Image Source

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Bill Tarmey – Jack Duckworth

He played Jack Duckworth. He first appeared in 1979 and then again from 1981-2010.

Bill Tarmey as Jack Duckworth
Image Source

Anne Kirkbridge – Deirdre Barlow

She’s well-known for her part as Deirdre Barlow.

Anne Kirkbridge as Deirdre Barlow
Image Source

Violet Carson – Ena Sharples

She was Ena Sharples and she stayed with the show for over 20 years.

Violet Carson as Ena Sharples
Image Source

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William Roache – Ken Barlow

He was Ken Barlow.

William Roache as Ken Barlow in Coronation Street
Image Source

Patricia Phoenix – Elsie Tanner

She was Elsie Tanner.

Patricia Phoenix as Elsie Tanner
Image Source

Doris Speed – Annie Walker

She played Annie Walker and appeared in over 1,730 episodes.

Doris Speed as Annie Walker
Image Source

Tracy Shaw – Maxine Peacock

She was Maxine Peacock.

Tracy Shaw as Maxine Peacock in Coronation Street
Image Source