Remember Anna Chlumsky From ‘My Girl’? This Is What She Looks Like Now!

My Girl was made back in the day when Macaulay Culkin could do no wrong and anything he touched would turn to gold. However, it would be very cynical to say that this was why My Girl became a big success.

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My girl was the most adorable coming of age story that centered around 11-year-old Vada Sultenfuss, and the young actress portraying her was absolutely perfect in the role. The film was set in 1972 and has since become a classic. Her best friend was played by Macaulay Culkin, and both critics and audiences alike fell in love with this story and the characters that apeared in the film. This movie came out in 1991. So, let’s see what they are up to now:

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1. Vada Sultenfuss – Anna Chlumsky.

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This was her first starring role and she played a young tomboy who was obsessed with death because her mother died during childbirth.  Chlumsky did also have another, much smaller role in ‘Uncle Buck’. Many agree that Chlumsky was what made this film so good as she was perfectly cast in the role of Vada.

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Chlumsky went on to star in ‘My Girl 2’ and has since gone on to star in some massive productions, especially on the small screen, including Hannibal, Veep and Halt and Catch Fire. She has just completed another project and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, so the beautiful young woman should be staying on our screens for some time to come yet.

2. Harry Sultenfuss – Dan Aykroyd.

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Aykroyd starred in My Girl as Vada’s widower father who pays little attention to his daughter, but who seems to be struggling coming to terms with being a single dad which is causing many of the issues they face.

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We already knew Aykroyd for his roles in The Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters, and he has continued to be busy over the years, appearing in many big projects such as Sneakers, Chaplin, Coneheads, Pixels and even had a cameo in the recent reboot attempt of the Ghostbusters franchise.

3. Shelly DeVoto – Jamie Lee Curtis.

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Playing Shelly, a pretty young woman who works with Dan aykroyd in his funeral home, Jamie Lee Curtis was perfectly cast. She was already very well known for roles in Halloween, and even Trading Places alongside Dan Aykroyd in that, too.

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Curtis has had a prolific career, appearing over the years in Halloween H2O, True Lies, A Fish Called Wanda, NCIS and is currently set to star in a reboot of the Halloween franchise which we think looks particularly good!

4. Thomas J. Sennett – Macaulay Culkin.

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He was Veda’s best friend, and he played the role very well, though his character (spoiler alert….) meets a very tragic end when he runs in to a swarm of bees which is is highly allergic to.

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Macaulay Culkin was a massive star of the time, appearing in films like Home Alone and Home Alone 2, Richie Rich and The Pagemaster. Culkin has tried a few times to reboot his career, but these days, he tends to focus more on his art and music.

5. Phil Sultenfuss – Richard Masur.

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He was Vada’s uncle who helped out the family, and managed to steal many of the scenes he appeared in as Masur has a real presence on screen that draws you towards him regardless of what else is going on.

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Masur has gone on to have a very successful career, on both the big and small screen. We’ve seen Masur in projects as diverse as Law & Order, All My Children, The Good Wife, Orange is the New Black and Mr. Robot, and he also has several projects in post-production so should continue to grace our screens for a while yet.

6. Mr. Bixler – Griffin Dunne.

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He played Vada’s teacher, and managed to hit the right balance with the character and how he portrayed it, playing perfectly against the young cast opposite him.

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Dunne was well known as Jack Goodman in An American Werewolf in London, and has gone on to star in many more productions since My Girl, including Frasier, Trust Me, House of Lies, I Love Dick and Ocean’s Eight. He is another actor who has several projects under way so will be around on our screens for a long time to come!

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Were you a big fan of My Girl, or was it not really your cup of tea? few films can face the subject matter this did so successfully and with such respect, especially the way it dealt with the loss of a parent, and a young child dying. Let us know all your thoughts and memories about this film in the comments as always.