Remember Andy Crane From The Broom Cupboard? Here Is What He Is Up To Nowadays!

One of the first presenters that was dedicated to Chi1ldren’s BBC in 1985 was Phillip Schofield. In those days they ran on a shoestring and had a punk-like fashion about them and they were proud of that! You know what we are talking about right? Didn’t you love The Broom Cupboard?

Phillip Schofield

After moving on from children’s TV he starred in Schofield’s Quest and Schofield’s TV Gold and in 2002 became a presenter on This Morning with Fern Britton and later Holly Willoughby.

In 2012 he went through some criticism after handing David Cameron a list of people that the internet claimed were paedophiles. That obviously didn’t go down good for him.

Gordon the Gopher

Since The Broom Cupboard, Gordon has turned to the drink.

Since he has been out of work he has been spending time at the bar in Wetherspoon’s, such a sad journey.

Andy Crane

Andy is now 51-years-old, he joined Children’s BBC in 1986 and eventually took over as the main presenter after Schofield left. He stayed with the show until 1990.

Edd The Duck

Edd went on after the show with the success of his very own cartoon strip and even released a rap in 1990!

Andi Peters

Peters ran The Broom Cupboard from 1989 to 1993 then went on to present Live & Kicking.

Toby Anstis

You probably remember Toby coming alongside Phillpa Forrester in the early 90s.

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Esther McVey

After Chris Jarvis we don’t really remember any more presenters because we were already old enough to be down at the pub having a good time. McVey proved to us that our childhood was over when she became a Tory MP.