Remember Paolo from Friends? Here’s What Rachel’s Boy Toy looks Like Now!

Remember the sexy Italian hunk that Rachel fell head-over-heels for in this show?  Well, he is still dreamy and keeping busy.  However, let’s take a look back at his appearance in ‘Friends’:

Here is Rachel showing him off to her friends!

It’s been 22 years since his big debut on this show and this actor, Cosimo Fusco is now 53-years-old and lives in Rome.

Rachel didn’t seem to mind that he barely spoke any English.

He was more interesting to look at anyway!

He has since appeared in lots of movies including ‘Gone In Sixty Seconds’ (2000) ‘Alias’ (2007) and ‘Angels & Demons’ starring Tom Hanks.  He also had a role in ‘The Mentalist’ (2012)

Although he only appeared in four episodes of ‘Friends’ he certainly made a memorable character.  Even though he didn’t speak much English in this show, Cosimo actually speaks English fluently including Italian and French.  He has had several roles in TV programs in his own home country as well as the roles he’s had in the United States.

Now that he’s older, he got rid of the long locks and sports a shorter, more compact style and a grey beard.

We also hear that he’s still single!

His first appearance in the hit TV show ‘Friends’ was in 1994, (The One With The Blackout).  In it, Rachel bumps into him in the hallway when the power was out and the two ended up dating (much to Ross’ dismay).  However, everyone else seemed to like him very well, including Phoebe and Monica.  However, he was ultimately dumped by Rachel after he hit on Phoebe at her massage parlor.

He did manage to make a comeback during season two for a one night stand with Rachel when she was struggling to get over Ross dating Julie.

Here he is in the movie ‘Angels & Demons’.