If you’re feeling Nostalgic or love Nostalgia then you’re going to love the following. Punky Penguin’s are back and heading to UK stores!

Where was the last time you had a Punky Penguin? Mine has to be in sunny Blackpool.

The penguin shaped pot full of vanilla ice cream was the ultimate dessert!

It’s been a while since we’ve tasted a Punky Penguin but now we can!

One UK food supplier is selling them in bulk, which means they could be making a return to restaurants and local shops very shortly!


Holdsworth Foods is selling twelve pots of the Punky Penguin for £20.4o, which works out at £1.70 per unit. It’s definitely worth it!

Unfortunately, these vanilla ice cream pots are only available to food chains that are higher up in the industry at the minute, but no doubt they’ll be sold in shops somewhere in the UK.

I can’t wait to stroll into a shop anytime soon and pick up a Punky Penguin! What a time to be alive don’t you think?

The nation has taken to social media to express their excitement of Punky Penguins making a return.

One fan said: “This brings back some good memories eating at Italian on the Seaburn seafront when little”.


Another added: “OMG! Need to get these. Literally spent all my holiday spending on these one year.”

A third commented: “Marks the return of our joyous 90s childhood!”

Will Jamie Oliver ban these too?

Let us know in the comments section what you think to the comeback of Punky Penguins!