Last year, with temperatures reaching record-breaking levels in the UK, retailers got creative with their solutions to the heatwave.

Along with refreshing new parma violet cider from B&M, B&Q came along and offered a cut-price inflatable pool for sale.


Fans of both Prosecco and ice lollies, however, were in for a treat – and the fusion of summer 2019 promises to be just as refreshing this year, as 2020 brings it own unbearable heatwaves.

Hawkin’s Bazaar, the novelty toy and gift shop, is now selling its Prosecco ice lolly moulds for just £10.


On sale from the Hawkin’s Bazaar website, a so-called ‘Sophistipops’ set comes with four moulds and four champagne flute stems, as well as a booklet of ice pop recipe ideas.

The idea is to fill the moulds with the drink of your choice – though class acts will opt for Prosecco or bubbly – then insert the stems into the moulds before freezing.


Once the drink has suitably frozen, the resulting ice lollies resemble champagne flutes (minus the usually inedible glass, anyway).

Anyone keen to turn fizzy alcohol into a sophisticated summer refreshment this year can purchase a Sophistipops set from the Hawkin’s Bazaar website now.