32 Essential Toys Every 80s Preschooler Had

This is a list of toys that you might possibly remember as being one of your first toys ever!  They were designed to comfort you, challenge you, entertain you and even inspire you. Take a look at this list and see if you have any memories of these:

1. Glo Worm.

This little guy lit up in the dark when you hugged it.  A perfect toy for a kid who is afraid of the dark.

2. Fisher-Price Gas Pump.

For those who were interested in the automobile industry. These were real world toys for little tots.

3. See ‘N Say Farmer Says.

This is a classic that gave kids the sounds of many animals.

4. Fisher-Price Record Player.

That’s right, spin that record! A great starter record player.

5. Colorforms.

These reusable stickers had great designs that kids loved to play with.

6. Fisher-Price Medical Kit.

For the future doctor in the family.

7. Gumby.

This posable character has been a favorite for decades.

8. Mini Piano.

This is perfect for teaching kids the sound of each note.

9. Mickey Mouse Talking Phone.

This was how kids kept in touch with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

10. Sit n’ Spin.

We all sat on one of these.

11. Care Bears.

These were basically the same bear with different names and personalities. Still cute!

12. Fisher-Price Family Farm.

This was a great way to celebrate the farmer’s life!

13. Fisher-Price Music Box Teaching Clock.

Yes, most kids back then learned how to read an analog clock. Now, nobody has to know this.

14. E.T. Vinyl Doll.

Our favorite movie was now our favorite toy.

15. Poppin’ Pals.

We loved turning and tweaking these buttons until our favorite characters popped up!

16. Smurfs Play Camera.

The future photographer and smurf fan had it made with this!

17. Monchhichi.

These were cute and their thumbs would stick in their mouths.

18. View-Master.

This is how many children first saw the world.  So many slides to choose from!

19. Fisher-Price Cash Register.

It never hurts to know how to count money!

20. Tree Tots Family Tree House.

This was a deluxe tree house for your little people.

21. Rub-A-Dub Dog.

A bath toy that doubled as a sponge.

22. Fisher-Price Little People Play Family House.

An elaborate home for your little people.

23. My Buddy. . .

And Kid Sister.

These two were taking the place of a friend and a sibling.

24. Fisher-Price Tape Recorder.

This was even better than a record player because you could record everything in your life!

25. Snoopy Sno-cone Machine.

If you had this, you were envied by all the kids in the neighborhood.

26. Fisher-Price Magic Burner Play Stove Top Range.

Many young chefs began on this grill.

27. Sweet Pickles Bus.

This held all of your important stuff for preschool.

28. Little Boppers.

These came in different characters that moved and danced around.

29. Speak & Spell.

This was the beginning of real learning.

30. Popples.

This was a little stuffed toy that was also a cozy pillow.

31.  Fisher-Price Parking Ramp Service Center Parking Garage.

This was the deluxe set up for your little people to teach us that work can be fun.

32. Big Wheels.

This is how we got around the block.