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Ever since the front cameras came into our smartphones, we have all become obsessed with taking selfies. Everyone’s social media is full of their selfies and they get all the love from their followers. However, when you are taking selfies, there are a lot of drafts that fill up our camera phones before the final selfie is selected and posted on social media accounts.

However, there are many people who just click a selfie and then post it on the internet without checking what they are posting. Most of these selfies go about unnoticed while there are others that catch the eyes of the keen observers and the internet then goes on to make fun of these people. We have collected a bunch of selfies that are pure fails.

Dog Butt

These girls were very happy clicking the selfies without checking that the family dog is present in the background showing its butt. The girls should have checked the background and even if they wanted the dog to be there in the picture, they should have made sure that the pose of the dog was appropriate.

Lana In The Mirror

Lana was pleased taking the selfies, but she did not check what was being reflected in the mirror in the background. It was rather unfortunate that the mirror reflected the word on her jersey and even more unfortunate that she did not check the selfie before posting it on the internet.

Photobombed In Traffic

There are a number of incidents where we get bored while sitting in traffic. Most of the people take out their phones and start taking selfies. This girl was doing the same and the guy in the next car noticed it and he decided that he would photobomb her picture. The girl posted the selfie without noticing the guy in the background.

Caught Checking Her Out

The sales guy was caught checking the girl out. While the girl did not notice it at first, we can all see how he was checking her out in the mirror in the background. It would be rather awkward if the girl saw the picture and then went on to berate the guy.

Mom Helps Him Out

This guy wanted to look butch on the internet but his attempts were failed when the internet noticed that he was a big momma’s boy. He had asked his mother for assistance with the selfie and we can clearly see his mother in the mirror in the background.

Caught On The Toilet

This girl must have thought that no one would notice where she was taking the selfie since she is in the major part of the frame. However, people noticed the little mirror in the background and we all came to know that she was sitting not the toilet taking the picture.

Taking Pictures Together

A family that takes pictures together, stays together. However, when you are taking pictures with your dad, you should at least make sure that he is wearing decent clothes before taking the picture. The reason is that the picture will go on the internet and no one wants to see your dad’s belly.

Blame The Boyfriend

This girl blamed her boyfriend for taking the picture but we can clearly see that she was pretending that it was her boyfriend taking the picture. This is visible from the mirror in the background where we can see that the girl is actually just taking a selfie.

The Unfortunate Photo Bomb

These girls had a rather unfortunate photobomb by the little brother. They were taking the selfie when the door to the bathroom just opened up and we could clearly see that the little brother was pooping.

All Dressed Up

This guy was all dressed up to go out and his father decided to take a picture before he went. We can see that the father is not dressed at all and is roaming in the house in his underwear. This is clearly visible in the mirror in the background.

Blame The Girlfriend

Just like the girl that we saw before, this guy was trying to put the blame on his girlfriend for clicking the picture. However, he forgot that there was a mirror in the background and we can see the lengths that he went to while clicking the selfie.

Selfie Inception

This guy just wanted to have a stoic selfie with his dog but his girlfriend ruined everything by taking a selfie in the background. She was not even using the front camera of her phone and we could see how the selfie was turning out to be.

Drinking Out Of The Bowl

This guy was busy taking a selfie and did not notice that the cat was in the background. What is amazing is that he is letting the cat drink straight out of the toilet bowl even though he should have stopped clicking pictures and sent the cat away.

Urinal Selfie

It is common to see people clicking pictures in the bathroom but this guy has taken things a little too far. He is taking a picture while he is using the urinal. He is clearly drunk as is evident from his slurred facial expressions.

The Terrifying Dog

The dog is just tired of the girl always taking pictures and therefore, he decided to bring out his hellish side by becoming a hellhound. Either that or he is trying to imitate one of the many poses that the girl uses for her selfies.

Grandpa Should’ve Dressed

This old lady had spent quite a lot of her time setting up the table and she wanted to take a picture of it before the guests arrived. Everything was fine until we noticed that the grandfather in the picture was not wearing any clothes in the mirror.

Focusing At The Wrong Part

Auto focus can be quite an issue because it makes the technology think and figure out what you want to be focused in your picture. For instance, this guy wanted to click a selfie with the horse in the background but the focus went entirely on the horse’s butt and the guy was blurred out of his own selfie.

Exercise Is The Key

This guy wanted to flex his biceps but it turned out that his muscles were not a result of pushups but just an edit with photoshop. This is clearly visible in the mirror where his hands were also mangled by Photoshop.

We Can See You

There was a third wheel present on this date and we can all see him peeping through the couple in the selfie. His photobomb was successful and the picture of the couple was effectively ruined.

Hankering For Ice Cream

This girl was very happy with her ice cream but she did not know of the impending danger. Look closely at the expression of the dog in the background and you know he is about to pounce on the ice cream.

The Tired Child

If you have a habit of clicking selfies all the time, there are high chances that someone is tired of your habit. In this case, it was the girl’s little sister who simply flipped the bird while her big sister was taking the picture.

The Interesting Centerpiece

This girl very proudly put up her selfie on the internet, not realizing that her centerpiece was visible to everyone on the internet. She should have put away her toys before starting to take the pictures.

The Frowning Mother

It is never a good idea to be caught taking selfies especially when your mother frowns on them. You know that this girl is going to get quite a lesson from her mother because she was caught red-handed taking selfies.

Dad Bod Selfie

While this girl was busy taking selfies in her room, her father was just roaming around in the house showing off his Dad Bod. It is quite an embarrassing thing to post on the internet especially when the internet is just filled up with mean people.

Girlfriend Takes The Picture

This guy tried to show that his girlfriend was always taking pictures of him but we can see in the reflection in the window of the car behind him that it was him all along. He probably did not even have a girlfriend.

Toy In The Mirror

This girl was all about clicking a cute bathroom selfie but she forgot to clear out her sink before clicking the picture. And the internet became aware of the color and size of the toy that she uses to pleasure herself.

The Look Of Judgement

This guy was so busy taking selfies that he did not notice that an older gentleman was right next to him judging him for his behavior. It is hard for the older generation to understand the obsession with bathroom selfies.

Incoming Pain

This girl managed to click a selfie before she was writhing about in pain. You know it is never safe to turn your back on a baseball field because balls may just come flying your way at any point in time.

Spider Makes A Guest Appearance

We can clearly see that one of the girls is afraid of spiders while the other one prefers not to be scared and remains calm in the face of adversity. She wants to spend her time taking selfies rather than being afraid of spiders.

Piece Of Poo

While this girl was clicking a beautiful autumn selfie just lying there on the ground, the internet noticed that there was a little piece of dog poo in the picture. Clearly, the girl had not noticed it before putting it up on the internet or even lying in the ground like that.

Reflected In The Window

This girl was all dressed up for Halloween and decided that she would take a picture before heading out. However, when you look carefully, you will notice a little reflection in the window in the background and we can see her toy too.

Mirror On The Wall

This girl was just clicking a picture and she did not notice that there was a mirror in the background and her little brother was showing off his nipples to the world. However, we are sure that the brother was not aware that the picture was going on the internet.

A Sexy Selfie

We are not sure why this girl posted the picture on the internet when she could clearly see that her grandma was in the picture too. It totally ruins the mood of the picture when you are dressed in a bikini and your grandma is out in the background reading a newspaper.

Two Types Of Girls

There are two types of girls and we can clearly see them both in this picture. One of them dresses up and goes out to enjoy the night while the other one simply hangs around the house eating hot dog on a stick.

Drinking From The Faucet

Everything in the picture is quite normal but you can see that there is something off with this picture. The thing that you will notice is that there is another person just drinking out of the faucet in the sink right in front of the mirror.

The Daughter Helps Out

This woman wanted to have a good picture clicked and she sought the help of her young daughter. It is just wrong that the parents solicit the help of their children to take such selfies.

What Are You Buying?

This girl just wanted to flex her new RayBan frames on the internet by taking a selfie with them. However, the internet also came to know of the other thing that she was looking for on the internet as we can see in the reflection of the frames.

No Pants


This guy looks all serious for the picture but when you look in the background of the picture, you will notice that the guy’s back is being reflected in the window. As you can see, the guy is not wearing any pants and that is just hilarious.

Right On The Baby’s Head

This picture is just hilarious. You can see why the dad and the baby are laughing. This is a picture of perspective and you can see that the dog appears to be pooping on the baby’s head even though it is far away in the background.

Nose In The Mirror

This girl should have really checked the foreground of her picture before posting it on the internet. There was another mirror on the sink and it just so happened to enlarge the nose of the girl.

Save The Kid First

This mother should have stopped taking the selfie and should have saved her kid before taking out the camera. The kid had just slipped and fallen into the tub and the mother was busy taking selfies.

Road Rash


This guy was showing off his road rash burn on the internet with a selfie. Although many would consider it to be rather brave, we know it is hilarious because we can see his butt in the mirror behind him.

Being Totally Creepy

This girl really needs to learn some manners because she just barged into the bathroom and started clicking selfies while the guy was still in the shower. We are sure that the internet was not kind to her.

Changing The Diaper

These girls were busy taking selfies in the bathroom while the woman in the background was changing the diaper on the baby. We can all agree that it is a massive fail.

Did You Check With The Wife?

Robin Thicke has a lot of love for women and he underwent a massive selfie fail when he clicked a picture with his mistress while he was still married to his wife of nine years. This picture was the evidence in their divorce filings.

Helping Out A Friend

This girl was very helpful to her friend while accompanying her to the bathroom but she should not have posted the picture on the internet while her friend was changing her pad.

Grandpa’s Asleep

This woman wanted to click a sexy selfie in front of the mirror but the only mirror that she could find in the house was the one in her grandpa’s room where he was sleeping. She did not care that her grandpa was in the background and went on to click the selfie.

Announcing The Pregnancy

This couple was trying for a baby and their pregnancy test was visible in the picture that they posted. However, they had not told anyone about it and the internet was surprised to find it out this way.

Blaming The Traffic

This girl posted a selfie on her social media, saying that there was quite a lot of traffic on the road. However, it was quite a fail because we can see in the reflection of the sunglasses that there is absolutely no traffic on the road and she was blatantly lying about it.

Selfie With The Police

These guys thought that it would be cool to take a selfie with the police. However, the selfie turned out to be a huge failure since the Australian police were in no mood to take the selfie. While one of them turned their back, the other simply flipped off towards the camera.

Down The Years

All this guy wanted to do was click a selfie but it turned out that the camera captured much more than that. When the guy was capturing the moment, he captured a man in the background who was wearing the same clothes as him and had the same overall build. The only difference was that the guy in the background was 20 years older than him.

Fire The Cannon

So, this mother was taking selfies with her daughter and when she reviewed the pictures at her home, she realized that there was something wrong going on with the background. There were some guys stuffing another guy in the cannon in the background.

Not Going Out Like That

This girl was trying to sneak in a selfie before going out to a party but her mother caught her taking the selfies in the dress. By the looks of the expression on the mother’s face, we are sure that the girl is not going anywhere tonight.

The Train Selfie

When you ride public transport, you meet all kinds of people. There are some people who are not at all discreet with their love even when they are out in public. These guys were clicking selfies on a train when they realized that they had caught someone being not at all discreet in their background.

Ke$ha Themed Selfie

This guy was all ready and in the proper wig and costume for a Ke$ha themed party. However, when he was taking selfies in the car before reaching the party, he noticed that his little baby girl was not at all happy with the costume. We are sure that a little more time and she would have definitely cried.

Living In A Wizarding World

These girls were just chilling in the park, having some fun when they started to click selfies. While everything was normal in the pictures, the girls noticed that one of the selfies had something interesting in it. There was a guy dressed up as Voldemort and he was just resting there in the background.

Thug Life Gone Wrong

This guy wanted to prove to the world that he was living the thug life by posting a selfie with his arms up and showing his tattoos to the world. However, the idea was not successful since we could all see that he sought the help of his mother to take the selfie and that is not gangsta at all.

Bae Caught Her Sleeping

We have yet to understand this obsession that people have with lying about their relationships on the internet. This is another girl who posted a picture saying that her partner caught her sleeping while we can clearly see in the mirror in the background that she is the one taking the selfie.

Expression Says It All

This guy was out there to buy a boomerang and while he was holding it in a seductive way, suggesting that it was a two-way phallus, he got a picture clicked. The picture became a lot funnier when the woman in the background gasped and had that expression on her face.

Peeping From Below

These women were busy partying and clicking selfies. They decided that it was time to have some fun and this meant that the child was gone unattended. In one of the selfies that the women clicked, we can see the child peeping from below the bosoms of the women.

Caught In The Act

When these girls were clicking the selfies at a party, they caught someone being totally creepy. We can see that in one of the pictures, which is above, where the man was trying to click pictures of a woman from under her skirt.

Disciplining The Child

This picture turned out to be quite awkward. The girl in the front just wanted to click a decent bathroom selfie but she caught something else in the background. There was a mother who was beating her child with a sandal in the picture.

They Have A Sign For That

This girl just wanted to click a selfie and she did not know for a moment why the internet was making fun of her. Once she checked the background, she realized why she was being ridiculed and that was because of the sign in the background of her picture.

Left Out Of The Squad

It is always fun to take selfies when the entire squad is present. However, in every squad, there is always that one person who does not want to appear in the pictures. These girls had that person too in their squad and yet, we can see her in the picture, standing far in the background feeling all left out.

Spot The Rat

We can clearly see that this girl is quite a messy one. There is clutter all over her floor and with such an amount of mess comes the risk of having vermin in your room too. The girl clicked a selfie in her messy room and we spotted the rat that was roaming around in her room.


This girl wanted to click a good bathroom selfie in her home but she failed miserably at that simple task. The reason was quite simple. There was a white underwear hanging to dry in the background of her selfie and that was just upsetting for social media.

Gun Pointed At Yourself

Now this is just wrong. The guy wanted to post on the internet that when someone was pointing a gun at him, he kept his cool and just clicked a picture. However, the idea does not work when you are holding the gun and standing in front of the mirror.

Baby Is Hungry

The way that the baby is looking at his mother, we are sure that he just thought that his dinner was ready and that is why his mother had removed the top. However, his mother was just trying to click a sexy selfie.