People Share The Moments They’re Still Salty About Years Later

Everyone has a select few memories that haunt them throughout their lives. They’re the ones that pop into your head unbidden when you’re just trying to shower, the ones that greet you in the mirror as you try and brush your teeth, and the ones that play on repeat when you’re finally settling down to sleep.

Often, these memories represent our most embarrassing moments: the mortifying time you accidentally called the teacher ‘Mum’; the day you tripped in front of your crush; the very stupid thing you said at a crucial job interview. Sometimes, memories haunt us for a different reason – involving times you’ve felt cheated, whether that’s the petty grudge you’ve held onto for years or a childhood injustice that you just can’t get over.

From siblings doing everything from stealing pocket money and breaking video games, to more serious infractions to do with evil teachers and horrible bosses, here are all the stories that the people of Reddit are still salty about years later.

1. Maternity madness

3 months ago I went on maternity leave. The woman hired to cover for me was being paid 3 dollars more than I’m currently paid. She was going to be kept on as a full-time accounting assistant after I returned, but she couldn’t keep up with my daily tasks and completely screwed up several databases that I had to correct when I returned to work the following month.

When I asked for a raise, they offered me .50 after telling me how crucial I am to the structure of the company. Needless to say, I’m looking for a new job.


2. Procrastination station

When I got my first car (a really old one) my dad told me I would be responsible for gas money and he would take care of the maintenance. After a while, my brakes would make funny noises and I told my dad. I reminded him every once in a week, maybe half a year and he always told me “yeah, I got it. I will handle it”.

My boyfriend at this time wouldn´t let me drive it any further because he was concerned for my safety, so he (boyfriend) had a mechanic look at it. The mechanic told me that if I would have come sooner, it would have been a 50€ bill to take care of it, but over time the brake got more and more damaged and by then it would have been over 800€ for the repair.

When I told my dad he just said that there is no way that he would spend so much money on a car that had maybe 500€ value left. I ended up selling the car for scrap value. That was 10 years ago and I still bring it up to my dad sometimes. If he would have just did something when I first told him it would have been so cheap and easy…


3. You can’t handle the truth!

My copyright law teacher gave us a case for our pass or fail final exam. I solved the case (we needed to predict the outcome based on evidence) and he failed me.

Later that day, I decided to look the case up and turns out I was right. When I confronted him he said the grade was already posted and even though I was right he couldn’t (wouldn’t) do anything about it. Had to retake the class.


4. What’s given can be taken away

In elementary school, there was a pencil machine in the front lobby where you could get pencils for 25 cents. There were also “special” pencils that had stars on them. If you got one of these special pencils, you could take it into the office and get a prize.

One day, I decided to get a pencil. I put in my quarter and out popped TWO pencils. And one of them was a special pencil! I went into the office and told the lady at the desk that the machine gave me two pencils and one of them was special. She proceeded to say that the machine shouldn’t do that, took the special pencil, and didn’t give me a prize. That was 19 years ago and I’m still p*****.


5. Birthday blues

Some friends from work planned a get together at a local chain restaurant for my birthday. One of my coworkers found out and decided it should also be to celebrate her birthday because it’s the day before mine. Already annoyed, but whatever.

The night of the dinner, a friend bought us both slices of cheesecake & they were presented with candles, and everyone sang Happy Birthday. In the end, she blew out her candle AND THEN MINE. AND LAUGHED ABOUT IT. It was MY candle. You were barely invited. I’ve never forgotten about it.


6. The student becomes the master

I worked at McDonald’s in high school. I trained maybe half a dozen other people who started there after I did and was never promoted to crew trainer for that sweet $0.15 an hour raise.

I wouldn’t really be salty about it if they hadn’t promoted TWO people I trained to crew trainer, and one of them again to a manager position.


7. Comfort items

When I was young, I had a baby blanket that I was absolutely attached to. I was around 8, and a giant hole had formed in it, so I gave it to my stepmom to sew it back together. She threw it away instead.

It was a baby Mickey mouse blanket, a true gem for my era, and about the only thing I had left from my very s****y childhood. I’m still salty 20 years later.


8. Getting on the property ladder

My parents gave my mom’s coworker, who is my age (25F) a down payment for her first home a couple of years ago because my mom acquired a liking to her. The same year I needed emergency dental surgery, which was 5K. I was (still am) a single income living paycheck to paycheck and have not asked for money at all, not once.

I have kept a steady job since I was 15. I moved out on my own at 19. They didn’t help me out and I had nowhere to turn and ended up getting poor financial advice to put the cost of the surgery on a credit card. Took me 4 years to pay off. Still salty.


9. Condiment confusion

The fact that I spelt “mayonnaise” correctly in my fourth-grade class spelling bee, but the teacher claimed I didn’t and dismissed me.

I had won in the third grade, and proceeded to win in the fifth and sixth grades as well. The unfair disqualification in fourth grade ruined what would have been a four-year streak.


10. The sibling thief

Every single time my brother stole money from me. The first time was when I was 13. I was saving for concert tickets and had the money in one of those cookie tins at the foot of my bed. By July I had about $60, but one day when I went to add a $5 to it all the big bills were gone. He was the only one who knew where the tin was and he denied it when I confronted him. My mom paid me back but it made me hyper-aware of him.

Over the years he would routinely raid my change jar. I kept the silver money separate from the pennies, and I had a lot of quarters because I would go to a laundromat to wash the comforters. He’d go in and only take out all the quarters. I haven’t voluntarily given him money in years.


11. A date gone wrong

When I was 21, I was deeply self-conscious about my baldness and I wore a hat everywhere. A friend of mine thought I was worried over nothing, so he set me up on a date with a wonderful woman.

Everything went well at first, but when the hat came off, she shrieked and sprinted to the bathroom. And that was that.


12. The Sun is not a star?

In a 5th-grade science test, the question was, “Are there any stars in the solar system.” I answered, “Yes”. Teacher marked it wrong. I went up afterwards and said, “What about the Sun?”

He said, he meant that all the other stars are not in our solar system and kept it marked wrong.

Although I am harbouring this for 50 years now, he was all-around one of the best teachers I ever had and just passed away a week or so ago. But damn, that should have been marked “right”.


13. Falsely accused

Being accused of stealing a teacher’s wallet when I was in high school. The way the school handled it was disgusting. I was living in a dormitory at the time and the resident advisors allowed the teacher to confront me while I just got out of the shower and was standing there in a towel. Him threatening to call the police on me saying “even if I didn’t steal it, I know who did” (which isn’t true either).

Then the school threatened that they had video footage of me at the local convenience store at an ATM, which got me excited because I know I didn’t do it so surely video footage will clear my name, I asked to see the video and they then reversed face and said the VHS tape broke. WTF. Then they said someone called the Principal anonymously at night at gave him my name. All these ridiculous scare tactics they tried to use on a 14-year-old while I was living away from home still doesn’t sit well with me 20 some-odd years later.


14. Useless appliances

I had an apartment with three roommates. There was a dishwasher in the kitchen. It being a dishwasher, I put my dirty dishes in. Since I didn’t fill the dishwasher, I didn’t run the dishwasher.

I come back later a few hours and find my dirty dishes on the counter and a note on the dishwasher that read, “the dishwasher is for clean dishes only”. It’s been like five years or so since I left those ***hole roommates but it still makes me angry to this day.


15. Tooth fairy money

When I was really young, maybe 6-7 years old. I had a few dollar bills from the tooth fairy. I looked for loose change in the couch every so often. I ended up saving up around $20 and had it hidden under my bed. Because my cousin was much older than me and he tends to steal a lot.

Anyways he found it and told my grandmother and mom. They were so amazed about this, and kept asking “where did it come from?” “why is $1 of change in individual plastic sandwich bags?” going on and on. I told them, I was the one saving it up. They laughed at me, and my cousin told them it was his and they could have it. So they spent it on lottery tickets.


16. A wasted investment

Freaking bitcoin. A buddy of mine brought it up years ago when it was just starting out. I bought a new gaming PC, and he suggested I start mining.

I laughed it off to him, told him ‘good luck nerd.’ He messaged me a few years ago when it was at the $15k per coin level, asked how my portfolio was doing. Ugh.


17. Unhappy for the holidays

I was 16 and my parents decided I needed to get my first real job. They took me to this fancy restaurant down the hill from me to see if they were hiring. They said they were, they needed a dishwasher, and that I could start on Thanksgiving day. That really bummed me out because I have a large Irish Catholic family, and Thanksgiving is a big deal. Plus I LOVE the food.

But I took the job. I showed up and worked an 8+ hour shift, busting my *** washing dishes. I kept up with the heavy load too, since they were doing a giant Thanksgiving banquet. At the end of the night, the manager let us make a plate of food from the leftovers. And then she brought me into her office, handed me an envelope with $50 in it, and said she’d call me if they ever needed me again.


18. Beating the boss

Back in high school, my friend invited me over to play Dead or Alive 2 on the Dreamcast, but he didn’t bother to tell me how to play, or to explain that countering was central to the gameplay. He proceeded to destroy me for about 10 games or so, until I started to get better and turn the tables, even without countering. Once he started to lose, he stopped playing. The next day, he told everyone at school how “horrible” I was at the game.

I then decided I was going to practice, and bought the game myself, and when I learned how important countering was, I felt betrayed. I became crazy good at the game, all with the goal of playing him again, but he never took me up on it. So my path of vengeance is left untraveled. 🙁


19. Rigged competition

We had a “British Bake Off” style competition with some friends in a different state a couple years ago. We won the first challenge, baking cookies ahead of time. The second challenge was making cream puffs. We followed the directions exactly but were told ours were far too small.

The other team made them massive – much larger than the instructions. In the third/final challenge, each team spent about 2.5 hours baking and decorating a cake. Out was beautiful, clever, and tastes great if not a little rich. Theirs was pretty basic, boring, and was too sweet/borderline inedible. Their friends were the judges, so that’s why they won. I will never concede defeat.


20. Troublesome trivia

In middle school, I had a test with some true/false questions. One said something about the Atlantic Ocean and the west coast (I am in the US). There was some other stuff as well that was true about the Atlantic, but since the Atlantic is the east coast, I marked it false.

It was counted wrong and when I protested the teacher said something along the lines of “obviously I meant east coast.” It was only one point and made no difference to my grade in the end, but my 13-year-old usually quiet, teacher’s pet self was ready to f*****g riot. I honestly wish she had.


21. Give an inch, they take a yard

In college, I took a neuroscience class. The professor was in her last year before retirement and would assign stupid assignments that had nothing to do with neuroscience. For one, we had to read a neuroscience book (textbook, entertainment nonfiction) and write a paper about the author’s worldview (this was at a Christian college, so that wasn’t too weird, but definitely not pertinent to the class).

I did it, and got a 90. Why did she dock 10 points? Because my margins weren’t one inch. Except they were. I brought a ruler and showed her, and showed my settings on my computer. She didn’t give me back the points and said they were too wide. On future assignments I set my margins to 0.75″ and got 100s. I guess that looked like 1″ to her.


22. The odd one out

I had a group project for a film class I took in college. It was a huge lecture class so my group was about 10 people consisting of myself, the only female, and all dudes. We were assigned two films, and were supposed to split the group into 2 parts to cover each. The two films were The Departed and Lawrence of Arabia.

I think you can guess which one everyone wanted to do. I ended up watching a nearly four-hour film from the 60s while everyone else ignored the instructions. At the presentation, I gave my portion on Lawrence of Arabia and 9 dudes gave overlapping presentations on The Departed. It was mortifying, and we were graded as a group. F*** group projects.


23. Taking the blame

When I was 10, I (the goody-two-shoes nerd) was sat in the back of the bus, next to the class trouble-maker, because we had assigned seats (thanks to him). He took apart someone’s science fair project that was being kept back there, and threw a piece out the window.

When someone tattled on him, he blamed it on me, and since the teacher couldn’t prove one way or another, they just punished both of us, despite 15 kids coming to my defence. F*** schools and their “fairness” in discipline.


24. Tech troubles

Fourth grade. First time we visited the library at the start of the new school year. I brought the book I wanted to borrow up to the librarian. She told me I couldn’t take this one out until I returned the previous book. It being the first time we’d been there that year, I told her I hadn’t taken any books out yet. She very clearly pointed to the computer and said “The computer says you have this book out. You have to pay the late fine, and return it before taking this one out”.

I tried to argue with her that I had never even heard of the book, but she insisted and wouldn’t let me take it out. The person behind walks up, librarian says she has a late fine too, kid explains “I already paid that” and the librarian says “Oh no problem, this computer is old and makes mistakes all the time!”. Kid gets the book, and I watched the whole thing, dumbfounded.


25. The gymnast science teacher

I did gymnastics as a 14-year-old, and was training with some other kids. I was arguing with one, saying that the sun was just another star and that the other stars just looked smaller because they were further away.

We called out for the coach to resolve the argument and he said the sun was not a star and I was wrong. The other kid got to smugly declare victory. That is the exact moment I lost my last shreds of faith that adults knew what they were doing.


26. Thirsty work

When I was in elementary school, during the summer I was in the library reading program. There were prizes every so often if you meet your goals and whatnot. One prize I got was a 2-litre bottle of Pepsi. I brought it home, stuck it in the fridge and went to hang out at a friend’s house.

I came back, pump that I had a whole Pepsi to myself. I opened the fridge and it was gone. I asked my parents about it and my dad said he drank it all. I don’t know how he drank the whole thing, but every time he asks for something from me I bring up the Pepsi.


27. The sleeping arrangement shuffle

Family vacation one year I was sharing a bed with my cousin and my family got there before her family did so I put all of my stuff on the side of the bed that I wanted. Pillow on the bed, suitcase on the floor, stuff in the bedside table etc.

I went upstairs to check out my parent’s room and when I came back down my cousin and her mom had taken all of my stuff and moved it to the other side of the bed. They laughed about it and I complained to my parents but they said to leave it alone. Still salty.


28. Stolen luck

I got a wood pen with my favourite bible verse and name burned into it for my confirmation (8th grade in my religion) I took it to school for a test one day as I thought it was lucky. While at school someone stole it.

I am not super religious but who steals that type of pen and doesn’t give it back. It had sentimental value to me as it came from an aunt and uncle I rarely saw.


29. Wiping out a friendship

When I was in middle school I put hundreds and hundreds of hours into the original Kingdom Hearts on PS2 and eventually 100 percented it. Even after doing so I would still occasionally clear the final boss and watch the ending because I had no internet and wanted to listen to Simple and Clean, so it was getting used.

One day a ‘friend’ of mine asked if he could borrow the game and my memory card (he didn’t have one for whatever reason). I was hesitant but wanted to be nice so I made him swear up and down he wouldn’t touch my file, only his own. I come back a day or two later and yeah, it’s gone. He said it was an accidental override but the fact that he couldn’t stop laughing about it always had me think otherwise. Still love the series but I never went back to play the OG again, makes me too sad.


30. A broken birthday

Years ago when I was really young my uncle owned a restaurant. This one time in September we would go there and at the end of the day, we could pick a toy out of a chest. I took a very fancy looking glow stick and wanted to save it until my birthday in August in the next year.

So I waited and waited and when my birthday had finally arrived, my little brother took the glow stick out of my hand and broke it on the morning of my birthday. I’ll never let go of his betrayal…



31. Abandoned books

I was on a week-long trip, and my mom “organized” my room while I was gone. This included throwing out many of my books (I’m a big reader). Specifically, the books that looked “worn out”.

AKA my favourite books that were worn out because I had read them over and over again. I’ve never been more crushed, and I’m still so salty about it because I no longer have some of my favourite books from adolescence.


32. The one that got away

When I was a kid, playing little league baseball, I hit a triple. Coach at 2nd base tried to get me to stop, but I ran through it and made it to 3rd.

Bases were loaded and those three scores were enough to win the game, but I was within an inch of a Grand Slam. I’ve been told a hundred times I wouldn’t have made it and lost the game for us if I went for it. But, still. It haunts me.


33. Unprofessional promises

I was being recruited by Company A. My current company found out and asked what it would take to keep me. I asked for a promotion and raise and the boss agreed. I called Company A and declined the position. I went to work the next day and the boss told me the promotion and raise were cancelled.

He walked into his office and locked the door. He refused to answer as I pounded on the door. I called Company A and they had already filled the position with their second choice. This was 17 years ago and I no longer work at that company. I’m still salty.


34. Pre-teen entrepreneur problems

Once I ran a snack cart at my school (as a student) and a kid (who was part of another cart that I ran on the other side of the school) was giving stuff away/selling stuff for cheaper. I told him that he could not do the snack cart anymore and the school ACCOUNTANT (he held the money for the snack cart) if all people told me to give the kid a written apology and let him back on.

I left the card soon after that and let him run it just to watch the world burn. He didn’t even last a month… I’ve left that school since then.


35. Punished for an accident

In middle school, I was using a tripod for a project, and when I put it back, it fell and broke a smartboard. I got in trouble, despite being halfway across the room when it fell, and not even having the smartboard in my line of sight due to the ‘L’ shape of the room.

There was a substitute teacher at the time, so while I didn’t get in trouble that day, the next day my regular teacher sent me to the vice principal’s office where I got punished. I found out that they thought I threw the tripod at the smartboard. Or course, being a shy middle schooler I was too terrified to speak up.

I still get so angry about it. Even the other students in my class saw that I didn’t do anything.


36. Unpaid debts

My best church friend when I was 8 or 9 asked to borrow $7 to buy a pack of Sailor Moon trading cards in Chinatown. I only had $20 from some birthday money and wanted to buy a pack too so it was a hefty amount. We only saw each other at church since she lived in a swanky suburb and I lived in the not-so-nice area of the city so I waited a couple of weeks for her to pay me back.

Around the third or fourth week, I asked her about it and she was all “oh? you’re still going on about it? you haven’t forgotten?” and changed the subject, practically declaring she had no intention of paying me back. I’m still so salty about. She ruined our friendship over $7.


37. A very bad birthday

On my tenth birthday, I got the pleasure of doing a sleep test to see if I had narcolepsy. So basically I was off and on sleeping for a day and a half so they could monitor me. I completed what I could of my school work, but forgot to do the back of ONE of the pages, out of several pages.

My dad brought cupcakes to school the next day at lunch, but my teacher decided I had to sit in silent lunch for not doing all of my work. She passed out my cupcakes and made me eat mine alone at a table by myself. That was almost 20 years ago and I still hate that teacher.


38. Ghosting on matrimony

3 years ago I married my wife! One of my oldest friends at the time was ordained and agreed to marry us! I was thrilled. About 3 weeks before the wedding he fell off the face of the planet. Wouldn’t return my calls, texts, Facebook messages. I called his mom and got a hold of his GF trying to figure out what was going on and confirm everything was all right.

I never heard from him and had to scramble to find someone which luckily we did. I messaged him before the wedding practically begging him to at least show-up or send me a message as to what was going on. Never heard from him. Haven’t heard from him since. Still salty about it.


39. A sweet treat swap

When I was about 6 or 7 my aunt invited my sister and me to go to a water park with them. We were all having a really good time. Eventually, we got hungry so we went to get some ice cream. I got this M&M ice cream sandwich and my little cousins got this weird orange flavoured popsicle. She didn’t like what she got so she told her dad that she wanted an ice cream sandwich like mine.

So he went and asked for one and the guy told him that I got the last one. He went up to me and told me to give it to her. I told him I didn’t want to and he told me that I should be grateful that we even got to go to the water park with them in the first place. He then snatched the sandwich from me and gave it to her. Then he gave me her popsicle that was all melted and licked.


40. An innocent victim

I was on a first date with a girl once, everything was going pretty fantastic. We got in my car to drive to a different place, and there was a bee on my front windshield. She saw it and said, “eww” and hit my windshield wiper before I could react, killing the poor little guy.

I was visibly upset and asked her why she did that and she said, “because bees are gross.” I honestly couldn’t get over it and ended the date and drove her home. Bees are awesome and I don’t know why people kill bugs or anything, especially if they aren’t bothering you in any way. I’m still salty about it, but kind of glad because it was a pretty big red flag for me.


41. Tricked twice over

My brother injured me when we were kids; he threw an empty can of dog food at me and the lid somehow fell out and sliced my face underneath my nose. I had to have plastic surgery to repair it. When it had just barely healed, we were swimming in a pool and he was tormenting me by dunking me under the water.

Of course, he hit me under the nose and split the wound again and I had to have plastic surgery AGAIN and spend much of 6th grade with a bandage under my nose. F*** you Dave.


42. An unfair failing

A teacher failed me in a course in nursing school, which made me have to re-take that entire semester, because I went to DBT therapy and had to leave one lecture a week 10 minutes earlier. I asked my classmates if it would disturb them and they were totally fine with it. I did all the work everyone else in my group did and there were no complaints. I just had to leave a little earlier to catch the bus.

It shouldn’t have to be that big of a deal; but when I confronted my teacher about why she failed me at the end of the semester (even when she said she was going to change the grade months before) all she said was “maybe you shouldn’t go to school if you’re sick.”


43. Sibling hypocrisy

My parents had a strict no piercings or tattoos under their roof rule. I knew that if I got any piercings (with money that I earned working a summer job) they would have made me remove the piercings as soon as they spotted them, so I obeyed the rule.

By the time my youngest sister was 16, she had three piercings (ears, nose and belly button). My mom paid for all of them. Her reasoning was that “she would have done it anyway.” When I pointed out the hypocrisy my mom shrugged and my grandmother told me to pull up my big girl panties.


44. Cheated by a soup

My church had a chilli cook-off one fall a few years ago, and I decided to go all out on it. I went to the butcher and got myself a beautiful brisket and smoked it for 15+ hours, and then put it in my chilli and then smoked the whole pot of chilli for another 5 hours. This chilli was amazing. I felt like I put my soul into it, I was so proud.

On the day of the cook-off, there were about 10 different pots of chilli for everyone to eat and each person had a glass pebble to use to vote for the chilli they thought was the best.

Well someone made a vegetable soup (not chilli) and entered it. In the end, mine was the only chilli completely gone as most people had seconds or even thirds. So I thought winning was a sure thing.

When the results from the vote were announced, however, it seems I came in second to this vegetable soup, and I did some quick counting of the room and there were more votes than there were people in attendance. I couldn’t prove any of it and the whole thing was just for fun/bragging rights, but I was cheated out of my chilli cook-off win by a soup.


45. Over before it began

In 7th grade, I auditioned for this orchestra group called Tiger Travelers and I didn’t get in. The next year I auditioned and I got in. The first semester was amazing with all of the Christmas music and concerts.

Going into the spring half of the group quit because they had “done it last year and wanted to do other things” so the group had to discontinue. I am still salty because they ruined the year for people who didn’t get to do it their first year.


46. The wrong right answer

On a fourth-grade math test, we had to make a shape that had only four sides, one set of parallel lines, and only ONE right angle.

I remember almost crying at my desk and spending 20 minutes on that one question while constantly telling my teacher that it wasn’t possible but according to her it was. And the next day we went over the answer key, and the answer had two right angles…


47. Foliage complaints

When our stupid neighbour was annoyed that our trees were dropping leaves on his property so he knocked on our door with a $1600 estimate from the village to trim a couple and cut some down. He said he’d pay for half if we get it done. I was fuming and would have left the trees alone but my husband got someone we know to look at them and he said there were some dead branches that could eventually become dangerous.

He did it for $800 and we never got a penny from our neighbour. We haven’t lived there for 3 years and it happened at least 5 years ago and I still steam inside whenever I think about it.


48. Inappropriate merchandise

When I was 18 I worked in a discount store, and at Christmas time we were selling holiday-themed t-shirts. My manager told us we had to choose a shirt to wear, to ‘promote’ them. I chose one, put it on, and all was well.

Later on that day he calls me into the office and tells me I’ve had a customer complain about me, and I was getting a written warning. Why? Because the customer found my shirt offensive. The shirt we sold. The shirt I’d worn in front of him all day. THE SHIRT HE TOLD ME I HAD TO WEAR.


49. A spanner in the works

When I was in high school, I was occasionally allowed to drive my family’s third car. It had a slow leak in one of the tires, so we were all supposed to check the pressure and put air in it if we needed to. I picked up a friend to go to a movie, and when we came out one tire was completely flat. It wasn’t the one with the leak, so I put the spare on and drove home.

I got absolute hell from my parents about it. How irresponsible I was to not check it, I’d have to pay for the repair, why didn’t I call roadside assistance, etc. Took it to get fixed, repeat the whole lecture as we’re dropping it off, and the tech who did it called my mom and told her he’d found a nail in the tire and there was no way I could have seen it coming.

She refused to apologize and I still had to pay for it.


50. The smoothie that escaped

I bought a smoothie. When I received my order, it had two smoothies. I checked the receipt to find I was charged for two smoothies. I complained and they took the second smoothie, clicked a few buttons, and said the money should show up on my card within a day.

The money never showed up. So I paid for two smoothies, and drank one. I was on a road trip so I couldn’t really go back to do anything about it. I should have just kept my second smoothie.


51. Who’s Who?

One time in math class we played a trivia game and the question was “who wrote Boris the Spider”. I loved The Who, so I answered: “John Entwistle” (Yes he was IN The Who, but HE wrote the song).

My teacher said I was wrong and that the correct answer was The Who. My team did not get the point. This was early in high school, and I’m in grad school now… still gets me tight.


52. Typewriter troubles

My sophomore Honors English teacher assigned a semester-long research paper project. After months of painstaking note-taking, hand writing, many drafts and painstakingly correct citations, I typed out the 32-page final copy on my mom’s old school typewriter, working all night because I am a terrible typist.

The day we got it back. He looked me in the eye and told the entire class that I had written the very best paper in the class. This was not a man of faint praise and my hands shook as I looked at my paper when he handed it back.

He gave me an 80%. In that school, this was a C grade. He took off one point for each misspelling and typographical error and two comma errors. The kids who had computers or electric typewriters that had any kind of spellchecking at all (1990) got A’s


53. The shape of confusion

I had a grade 3 teacher take points off my test when the question was ‘which of the following shapes won’t roll straight?’ I picked the cone. When I asked her why I was wrong, she proceeded to roll it so hard it just went flying across the floor.

So I asked her which one is the right answer, she told me the triangle or square as they don’t roll. She then proceeded to leave as I was flabbergasted at her reply.


54. Hungry for justice

In 5th grade, the teachers came up with this game called “Homework Survivor”, where everyone’s name would be on the board, and if you missed a homework assignment, your name would be crossed off. The “survivors” would get to play games with the teachers and eat pizza during the lunch block. The game would restart every quarter. I won through the first two quarters, but missed out on the third quarter because I did forget a piece of homework.

However, I lost for quarter 4 even though I turned in the assignment. My teacher couldn’t find it so she erased my name of the board. I knew I turned it in but my teacher kept asking me to turn it in later, but if I turned it in, how could I possibly turn it in again?


55. Twisted definitions

When I was in the third grade my science teacher thought that a tornado and twister were different. I was and am a weather nerd, currently a college sophomore in the meteorology program, so when a question asked what a spinning funnel-shaped column of air was and twister and tornado were both possible answers, I said tornado. I said tornado because it is more common, at least where I am from, to hear tornado and not twister.

I was marked wrong and was told that a twister and tornado are different. I spent the rest of the year looking in dictionaries and even the back of textbook for the definition of “Twister” it ALWAYS without fail said, “see Tornado”.


56. Getting your fair share

I’m pretty upset about the time I was in high school and went to a required studying group after school. The teacher made us pull our money to buy pizza. I paid but got no pizza. No biggie some kids aren’t from families as fortunate of me.

I just went across the street to a convince store and bought a bag of chips and a coke with my remaining few dollars. When I came back I was called out by the teacher for not getting enough for everyone. Well! You didn’t order enough pizza for everyone but you don’t hear me bitching about it! Thanks for embarrassing me!


57. A raw deal

My dad had a 1985 Mazda RX7 with a rotary engine and manual transmission that all 3 of my older siblings got to learn how to drive manual on. He sold it for $2000 about 6 months before I got my permit.

I told him even up until the guy came to pick it up that he was getting ripped off and could sell for significantly more money but he wrote me off. A few weeks later I found it online for 3-4 times the price he’d sold it for.


58. Staying inside the lines

One time when I was in 1st grade we were colouring in a picture of a pumpkin patch. I coloured the sky orange and the pumpkins blue because why not.

My teacher saw me doing that and grabbed my paper and held it up for the class to see. She then announces to the whole class that I don’t know how to colour properly and made me redo it.


59. Playing with dolls

I had a huge collection of Barbies as a kid. When I got to 11 I decided to get rid of some so I sorted out all the nice ones I wanted to keep and a box of ones to pass on, which we advertised in the paper. A woman came while I was out, and my brother accidentally gave her the box I wanted to keep.

We rang her and explained the situation, so she came back and took the other box, saying she had forgotten my barbies but would return them the next day. She then blocked our number and never came back, essentially stealing all the dolls from an 11-year-old kid. I still wonder how someone can be that heartless.


60. Shoe on the other foot

I about 12 years ago I was in Paris and went to the NIKE ID store and made a pair of custom Nike’s. I LOVED these shoes I was so excited and spent a lot of money on them. But they didn’t ship to the states and they wouldn’t be ready until after I left to go back to the states. I knew someone who lived in Paris who I thought was a good friend- he went with me to the Nike store. He said he would ship them to me. I didn’t want to put that on him but he insisted said it was all good no problem.

So I paid for the very expensive shoes. I gave him all of the info and gave him money to ship them before I left Paris. We stayed in contact because we became good friends. He went and he picked up my shoes- he sent me a photo of them, they looked awesome!!!! He said he was going to ship them right away…. but he never did. He never sent my shoes and then was making excuses until he ghosted me. I heard from someone that he started dating a girl and gave her my shoes. I’m still f*****g salty about those shoes.


61. Pulling the plug

When I was 11 my uncle gifted my a GameCube with Mario Kart, my first console and video game at the time after several years of denial from my parents. A GameCube, and no memory card. I told my 11 self “fine, I can finish this game anyway in one strike” and I almost did it.

I played 16 hours in a row but it was time to go to bed, and I finally had unlocked Star Trophy, so I turned off the TV and kept on the console, so that I could finish the game the day after. In the morning my GameCube was turned off, because my mom thought I left it that way by accident. I never accomplished to even unlock Star Trophy after that day. F*** you mom, I’m 24 and still so p***ed off.


62. Fingers on many pies

When we were younger, my brother and sisters all rode the same bus. When we got home, there were four Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies laid out, one for each of us. I would get off the bus and usually go play with our dog or whatever. When I went inside, sometimes there would not be one left for me.

I would complain that I didn’t get one, my mother would chalk it up as I forgot I had eaten it (which admittedly I don’t have the best memory even today). We were having Xmas when I was about 35 when my little sister finally admitted to eating them and saying I had and forgot.


63. A disappointing ending

Pretty common, but Game of Thrones. The finale season was so bad that it poisoned all the good memories I have of the series. I can’t rewatch it, I can’t recommend it to people that haven’t seen (even if they heard good things about it beforehand).

More importantly, it ruined others tv shows and franchises that are still in progress since it’s causing me to second guess whether I want to actually get hyped about them when they too can utterly fail me like GoT did.


64. Gone with the wind

As a kid, when exiting a restaurant I saw a dollar bill blowing by in the wind. I chased it down and caught it. To my surprise, it was not a dollar, but a $50 bill.

I get all excited cause now I can get Majora’s mask on the n64. Instead of that happening, my mother took it from me to give to the church. I still don’t believe that money made it to the church.


65. Too smart for your own good

back in high school in my home ec class, we were covering kitchen safety. My teacher asks the question “What do you get when you mix ammonia and bleach?” She proceeds to call on me and I say “chlorine gas”.

She pauses, looks at her paper and ‘corrects’ me with “no… the correct answer is ‘poisonous gas'” I mean… yea… but my answer was technically more correct… apparently she didn’t even know what the hell she was teaching.


66. The odd one out

In 3rd grade we had a quiz every month where if you finished all of your multiplication tables by a certain time, you got a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Everyone was looking forward to this doughnut, as it was on a Friday and the quiz was on a Thursday.

Thursday comes, I am the only one in class who didn’t finish them in time. I spend the whole day and night sad about not getting my doughnut, regretting that I couldn’t finish fast enough. I go to school the next day, and the teacher bought the exact amount of doughnuts. One girl turns out to be absent- so an extra doughnut is left!! I ask the teacher if I could have the extra doughnut. She says no.

I sat in class watching everyone else eat their doughnut, while I sat staring at the extra that got thrown out. 🙁

67. What’s a rhetorical question?

In the fourth grade, I gave a presentation on the Colosseum. I spent the whole weekend with my bio dad prepping for it. He insisted that I start the presentation with a rhetorical question. so I did. And my teacher took off points because “I didn’t give the class time to answer”.

But I couldn’t remember the word “rhetorical” so I didn’t get any points back. Obviously, the answer was the Colosseum, that’s what my entire project was on. Still salty about it.


68. A frustrating roommate

Friend crashed on my couch for “a week”, ended up being 6+ months bc literally all he did was play video games on my tv in the living room all day so he could never get back on his feet to get his own place.

One day I’m at work and get a text that he got upset at the video game he was playing and chucked his lighter at (through) my tv screen. It wasn’t a brand new screen or anything, but just the idea of it made me so unbelievably livid. I can’t recall being that angry at someone since, lol.

He had already way overstayed his welcome and really pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable when you are crashing on another person’s couch, I was just so beyond done.

Also, I wanted him to pay full price to replace it, but I knew that if I did then it would just delay him getting the heck out of my house so I told him $150 to cover it and we’d be good. Never saw a dime! Still salty.


69. Cursed cursive

One of the teachers ripped up my book in front of the whole class because my handwriting was too curly. She threw the pieces in the bin, made me get them out the bin and spend my lunchtimes copying out all my work into a new book, in printed handwriting because she didn’t like my cursive, until it was all done.

Happened about 16 years ago, and I’ve never forgotten the humiliation and anger I felt. I’m a teacher now, and when I started I vowed I would never ever make a student feel like that. I also still get a little thrill of pride when someone compliments me on my handwriting because I tell you what, my cursive is d*** beautiful.


70. The bosses mind thinks alike

Worked in an electronics department and I desperately needed a new tv but I was a poor college student. Noticed our price change team marked a TV on clearance and they told me next week it would go down to 70% off. I told a manager I needed one and just talked about the TV.

15 minutes later he comes over to me with said TV in hand. He had price change mark it down early. Then he hands me the tv and says “ring me out would ya bud. I don’t need a tv at all but that price is just too good.” For the next 3 months he brings up the TV and how his old one is just sitting in corner and how great they both are.


71. A prize disappointment

In 2nd grade (1997ish), my teacher had a prize box and would randomly pull someone’s name out of a box once a week and that student would get to pick out a prize. My name was never called. All year. The last day of school she asked if anyone never got to pick something.

I was the only one that said I hadn’t and she called me a liar. I didn’t understand why. I was a shy, quiet kid who never said anything or did anything to get the teacher mad. I am still so sad about it. I just wanted a prize…


72. Who inked first?

In college, I planned to get a tattoo of a dagger from my favourite book series on my thigh in the traditional style, and I was really excited and I told my friends about it.

Well, my best friend liked it so much that she went and got the exact tattoo before I could. People compliment her on it all the time and the salt is r e a l.


73. An odd exam strategy

In eighth grade (over a decade ago) my math teacher was displeased with the whole class’s performance on a test. Apparently, she’d graded a few and decided that we’d goofed it. So she passed them back and had us review them as a class. Then, in an exercise I’ll never understand, she had us wad them up and throw them to the front of the classroom.

Once there was a carpet of crumpled paper on the floor she revealed that since she hadn’t graded all of the tests yet, she was gonna need us to find our tests, flatten them back out, and turn them in.

My best guess is that I threw my test directly into a wormhole. It never reappeared and I got a 0 on a test I’d actually done okay on. The teacher told my parents I’d hidden my test to avoid getting a bad grade. That doesn’t make any SENSE and I’m STILL MAD.


74. Second time round

I had to take pre-algebra twice in middle school, once in 7th grade and once in 8th. I didn’t apply myself at all the first time around and got stuck with the same teacher when I had to retake it the following year.

I remember feeling bad about having to repeat the course so I made it a point to study for the first test we had. I ended up scoring a low A and I was happy/proud about it.

I guess my teacher noticed a slight smile forming on my face when she was handing the tests back so she told me, loud enough for the entire class to hear, that I only scored so well because this was my second time around.

I obviously felt embarrassed about it at the time and 15 years later, I’m still salty about it.


75. A bad birthday surprise

An ex of mine “spilled the beans” on a surprise birthday party for me. I don’t do well around my birthday for various reasons and had told her that I just wanted to be at home and watch some tv and relax. Well I come home from work and she is all bubbly and she finally “spills the beans” and tells me that all my friends are going to be coming over in a few hours to celebrate my existence!

I was upset at first but she coaxed me into accepting it and even getting excited! All these people (about 20) were going to show up just because I am on this earth and we were going to party and have fun! Well, come time for people to show, and no one does. 3 hours after the guests were to arrive, she tells me no one is coming. She just wanted to “cheer me up”. Still salty she warped my emotions like that.