People Describe The Weirdest Dreams They’ve Ever Had


Dreams are often weird and wonderful, but every now and then you’ll have one which is particularly strange. The kind of dream where you wake up and feel disorientated, questioning what on earth is going on in your psyche to make you dream about that. Sometimes weird dreams can be surreal and exciting, like action movies, but sometimes they can be disturbing and nightmarish, leaving you feeling on edge for the rest of the day.

Thanks to Freud, it’s now widely accepted that your dreams are a little peek into your subconscious mind, as all your repressed anxieties and desires run riot while you’re asleep. This makes sense if you’re dreaming about a secret crush or having a nightmare about an upcoming exam – but what does it mean if you dream about talking to a horse or fighting in WWII?

Who knows – but here are some of the weirdest dreams the people of Reddit have ever had.

1. Double crossed by the Pope

I dreamt that I was part of some Eastern European resistance movement who had to speak in code and hide out in abandoned manors in the forest to plan our attacks against some fascist regime. We enlisted the pope to help us, but when we went to meet him he has double crossed us because the regime we were fighting somehow knew the pope was gay and was going to tell everyone.

I woke up then, not knowing if my resistance group was executed, or if we escaped somehow. I call it my gay pope dream.


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2. Quite the transformation

I turned into Jesus once during a dream. I am not religious by any means, but I had this dream that one of my very good friends was the leader of a rival gang of ninja type fighters. She’s a really cool girl, but in this dream, she was my enemy. She somehow lured me to this empty pool in an abandoned building and I had to fight off the ninjas.


She was watching from an observation point, and when all her ninjas were dead, she opened this door and a bunch of zombie type things state pouring into the room. It was looking bad for me, when all of a sudden I thought “well you’re being silly, you’re Jesus.” And then I was. I smote some zombies and then woke up when I was bearing down on my friend by levitating aggressively in her direction. Then I woke up.


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3. Sky’s the limit

I learned I could fly, but I had to teach myself. Woke up right as I was gearing up for the big test to see how high I could go.


Forced myself back to sleep and lemme tell you, flying in a dream is way too f**king fun.


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4. A secret temple

Was exploring a jungle with a group of friends. We ended up discovering some kind of temple, but it was dark so we decided to set up camp. I was charged with gathering dry wood and leaves for the fire.

While machet-ing my way through vines, I heard my name being screamed by one of the group members in a terrified way, repeatedly. Woke up to see my mom yelling my name and to get the f**k up already. I never found out what that temple was.


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5. Keep racing

One time I was taking a nap on the couch and vaguely remember dreaming about being in a race car.


My mom told me when she tried to wake me up I kept mumbling “I have to pass Junior.” So I must have been neck and neck with Dale Earnhardt Jr. in my dream.


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6. Wartime

I was about 5 years old. It was a dream about me being in the battlefield during WWII and getting my legs [injured]. In real life I must have fallen asleep in a really weird position as I cut off the circulation to my legs.


This woke me up and since it was so sudden, I was still dazed and thought I was in the military hospital. My dad came in as I was screaming, and I thought he was the doctor on site and I kept yelling about never being able to walk again and how he had to fix my legs.


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7. Poor Tom Hanks

I had a dream in which I ran into Tom Hanks. I noticed that he was crying, so I went over to ask him if he was okay.

He told me that he had lost a big project that he’d been working on. I told him I was going to write a letter to him to make him feel better, but I woke up before I could mail it.


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8. A twist in the tail

I once dreamt that all of my family and closest friends were on the world’s largest cruise ship. Along the way, we somehow were exposed to radioactive waste that gave us all super powers or other mutations. I remember so vividly being able to use my mind to move objects with ease, and I threw donuts at my brother, whose skin had turned as hard as stone.


This one girl on the cruise that we all universally hated (for reasons I can’t remember) received a really random and useless mutation – she grew a really fat lizard tail, like a leopard gecko who has eaten a lot. She was crying about how ugly she was now and all we could do was laugh. Then I woke up.


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9. Lucid

I had one where I was wandering through my home town for what felt like hours, and eventually the dream became lucid… and the dream dragged on and on, and I was just walking around looking at stuff. Eventually I started thinking that I’m probably late for school, since the dream went on for so long, and I tried to figure out a way to get myself to wake up.


I tried lying down on the ground and thought that people walking on me would probably do it. But it didn’t. I didn’t feel a thing. So I lay down in the middle of the road [so a] car would hit me. And right before it hit me I woke up.


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10. Quite the menagerie

I had a dream that I had a bunch of birds and snakes just living in my kitchen. They were my pets, and I was cuddling my snakes on the couch, watching Netflix while my birds were chilling out, flying on top of my fridge and stuff. It was a great dream, and it was so vivid that when I was waking up, I thought, “Cr*p, I left my snakes on the couch out with the birds. I hope they didn’t eat one of the birds.”

I was disappointed when I came back to my senses and there were no animals in my home, but relieved that I wasn’t such a negligent pet owner that my imaginary snakes ate my imaginary birds.


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11. A new band

Okay, so me and a bunch of people started a band called “Opalescent” which was an eight-person a capella band that sung about global warming and multi-level marketing and politics.


It was me, 3 boys and 4 girls. There were memories and everything, it felt so real and when I woke up I was upset as hell.


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12. Spooky

I once dreamt that people all over the world were finding identical strangers and shortly afterwards one of the two would go missing. In my dream a friend told me that whatever is causing these disappearances was located in Downtown Toronto.


So myself and a small group of friends convinced a school bus driver to drive us to Downtown Toronto. I woke up before we got there. I still don’t know what was causing these disappearances.


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13. Freefall

I was on a flight to a family vacation and we were above the ocean. For whatever reason the door pops open but no one screams and there’s no vacuum effect. Out of curiosity I get up and check out what’s happening. Then I hear my brother behind me say, “Hey look.” I turn around and he shoves me out of the plane.

At first, it’s terrifying. But then, a bird swoops by and we lock eyes. I notice I’m no longer falling, and then I realize I’m dreaming.


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14. Creepy

I had a dream where the world was both filled with regular humans, and creatures that could disguise themselves as human. They took the form of monsters similar to the ones in the movie the Nightmare Before Christmas, and there were also some resembling plague doctors.


The creatures had magic, and the dream started with them in a football field, with very few people in the stands. It was a local football field, not a stadium. It was nighttime and everything had this weird gray dark glow to it.


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15. Old sport

Having just read The Great Gatsby, I dreamt that I was a guest at one of his opulent West Egg parties. It was when I was introduced to Jay Gatsby and we began to talk that the dream ended and wouldn’t continue thereafter.

There was so much Gatsby wanted to tell me – and so much I wanted to hear. I was profoundly sad after the dream that it would never recur.



16. It was all a dream

When I was a little girl, I had a dream that I met a princess and her friend. We played and had a good time, but eventually all good things must come to an end. The castle was attacked by an evil sorcerer and the dream started to fade as we all held onto each other for dear life.

I woke up and immediately tried to go back to sleep so that I could save them. I fell asleep and had a different dream, and I woke up from that one feeling disappointed.


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17. Action-packed

Got in a massive street fight, Jackie Chan style. For some reason I could hover like I was in lower gravity.


I was jumping off of people and kicking like Yoshi. It was bizarre, but also exhilarating because I didn’t get hit once. Unfortunately, there was too much action and I woke up.


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18. Man v. spider

I was piloting a car like a fighter jet while fighting a giant spider about 40ft tall. I was flying about 20 feet off the ground in the middle of a field during a rainstorm.


I lost control and the windows broke open and the rain came pouring in through the passenger side window. Then I woke up. I never found out if I was to prevail against the giant spider.


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19. Scary stuff

It wasn’t a dream I wanted to go back into but I remember one extremely vividly. I was in a car and crashed and had multiple rollovers and flew out of the vehicle. Crazy thing is I could literally feel the force of me flying through the air, like I was on a carnival ride.

While I was waiting for my death probably by colliding with a tree, all I did was pray and then I woke up. Scariest dream ever.


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20. Living lavish

I won the Lotto or something and I was driving a Ferrari to my friend’s house. When I got there somehow his whole drive way had even more Ferraris and we each had our own. Then we were racing to the airport; when we got there we got in a helicopter.


Then we were immediately flying over one of Hawaii’s volcanoes. Then we were on a beach and we all got on a private jet and were flying to Thailand. On the plane were some really attractive girls that we went to high school with. Then I woke up.


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21. Horseplay

I was back in school with all my old classmates. And then a horse just f**king walks in like it owns the place. Everyone is wondering what’s going on and it just starts talking to me telepathically and when it does this it starts glowing.


Not like the entire horse is lit up, but across its shoulders there are these weird symbols. I’m freaking out but no one else reacts. In the end, horse bro (his name turned out to be Darren) asked if I wanted to go for a pint but I woke up before we got to a bar.


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22. A snowy scene

I was in a gigantic snowy forest with a couple people who were my friends in the dream, but I don’t actually know. Slowly all of them started disappearing, it wasn’t creepy though. Strangely there was not a single animal anywhere in sight, not even pawprints/tracks or sounds like bird chirping. I turned around and realized that even my own footsteps disappeared in the snow shortly after I’ve made them.

I wandered around until I came to relatively big clearing, next to it was a massive crack in the ground, about 30 meters wide and endlessly deep. Over that crack there was a wooden bridge, it was old but safe, which lead onto the other side. There was another snowy forest, but it was darker, as if the sun never directly touched it. Over the whole thing was a dazzling red sunset. It was absolutely beautiful. Then I remembered that someone had told me that whoever crosses that bridge is never seen again. Part of me wanted to go anyways, but I woke up before getting to do anything else.


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23. Zombie apocalypse

One time, I dreamed that it was nighttime, a city was on fire, and there were zombies. The night was black as coal, everything was on fire, and skyscrapers and other buildings had fallen down. I was climbing up the rubble left from a fallen skyscraper when I heard a scream, looked up, and a zombie was dashing towards me.


I would’ve loved to experience the dream more and to see what exactly would’ve happened.


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24. Spaced out

I was a test pilot flying into space for a single orbit, similar to the Gemini missions but in the SpaceX era. My dream job except for spaceflight, the feeling of weightlessness, the brightness of the stars, the air circulating around inside the spacesuit, the extremely cramped cockpit.


I woke up just as I was about to land vertically. I’ll never forget that dream.


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25. The eagle has landed

I dreamt I lived next to a lake and found a baby eagle. The dream was super long and detailed and was about me raising the eagle. I became very attached to it as I taught it how to do things like catch fish and fly.

Once the eagle became an adult, he texted me when I wasn’t home. I was so excited when this happened. I wasn’t at my cabin so I started rushing back to my cabin to talk to the eagle about texting. Then I woke up. I still really want to talk to my eagle child about texting.


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