Ever Wondered Why We Haven’t Seen Meg Ryan For A While? Here Is Why…

One of the hottest romantic comedy actresses of her time, Meg Ryan starred with several famous leading actors. There was a point where every teenage guy dreamt of meeting or dating her. So what happened?

Of course, you remember the classic, ‘When Harry Met Sally’, right?

After ascending the ladder of success, Meg Ryan was paired with Tom Hanks and the duo made some brilliant movies together.

Except for ‘Joe Versus The Volcano’… Let’s just ignore that one.

After trying out several different roles, Meg returned to romcoms to star with Hugh Jackman in the absolutely adorable ‘Kate & Leopold’.

This was around the point where she started to fizzle out. Meg had a few brilliant roles in Hollywood, so why won’t they cast her anymore? Keep reading to find out!

Meg has been a part of the Hollywood movie industry for a while. At this point in any other career, anyone would be looking at retiring. Or maybe all Meg needs is a long break.

Unfortunately for her, however, she starred in a few bad roles. The hype around her movie ‘The Women’ proved disappointing when the reviews turned out to be negative.

And Meg hasn’t been a part of any movies worth mentioning since.

Rumor has it that Meg has now undergone lip injections. The once fresh face of romcoms might have just messed it up for herself now.

Other sources claim Meg cheated on her husband of 9 years and addressed the situation only years later.

She stated that she “didn’t have to care about what people thought. I have gotten to do what I guess I secretly wanted to do.” With an attitude like that, it’s no surprise she hasn’t been hired by anyone lately.

With a large number of young actresses entering the romcom game, Meg seems to be letting them squeeze in and push her out.

Would you like to witness a Meg Ryan comeback?