Most video game fans today are doing what they love to do online via a mega-platform of forums, social media, multiplayer modes and message boards. However, there was a time when this was not how we connected at all. In fact, our main source of communication concerning this topic was made possible only through video game print magazines. In it, we learned strategies, shared tips and developed a huge fan culture that still defines us today.

Those who weren’t there will never understand the sheer joy of receiving an updated video game print magazine in the 80s and 90s. To a modern day video game fan, it might seem like a dinosaur’s attempt to be up-to-date only once a month and to always be on the same page as everyone else. For us, it was magical time that can now be revisited at Internet Archive as they have just released 13 years of Nintendo Power Magazine issues for the today’s world to read and download online.

A huge thanks comes from all of us who are familiar with this magazine and thought that we would never see those issues again! Also, we are thankful for today’s technology which allows us access to it all. Now, we are finally beginning to understand the purpose of the internet and that is to grow and share all of what we have already done in this life. Therefore, it can only be a gift to those who were born too late and never had the opportunity (before now) to understand where it all began.

This is the video game print magazine at its finest and we are excited to see it again!

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This series began in 1988 and a total of 285 issues came out over the course of 24 years before ending its print in 2012.

Clearly, Internet Archive has not worked through all of the issues. Only those up through 1999’s Issue #117. Fortunately, that is enough to get us started! So, be sure to check it out at Internet Archive.