8 Things That Will Remind You Of Your Nan’s House!

If you were one of the lucky ones who got to spend time with your grandparents it is likely that you formed some deep memories that can never be erased. So here are 8 things that will bring you right back to Nan’s house as a child.

1. Glass Animals

Nan loved collecting these glass ornaments.

2. Horse and Cart Ornament

Another one that Nan loved collecting.

3. Woodchip Wallpaper

This was cheap and easy to put in any room.

4. These Mirrors

My Nan had one of these in every single room.

5. Brass

You could find these all over the place at her house.

6. Glass Fish

Another one of those great ornaments.

7. Wool Blankets

Duvets could not be found in Nan’s house. No, she had a couple cotton sheets with one or two of these wool blankets on top.

8. Candlewick Bedspread

Who else remembers sleeping in a bed like this? Then Nan would wake you up with a cup of tea and some toast.