We’re not sure who needs to hear this, but Mother’s Day 2020 falls on Sunday the 22nd of March. There are two types of people in this world: the devotees who’ve had their gift picked out for months, and the last-minute scramblers desperately trying to get something, anything, for the most important woman in the world.

We’re here to get the devotees to reconsider their choices, and save the scramblers from their inevitable, stress-induced heart failures. After all, as much as the supermarkets tell you Mother’s Day is about moderately fancy, non-descript chocolate boxes of chocolate, there’s no reason why you can’t inject some personality into your gift choices, and what better than a gift related to one of her favourite films or TV shows?

That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the best retro gifts you can get this Mother’s Day – don’t just go for cocoa; make her go loco for something unforgettable!

Wonder Woman Umbrella

Right now, Wonder Woman is carefully straddling the line between current and retro, with the new movie Wonder Woman 1984 releasing later this year. Whether it’s organising the school run every morning, putting food on the table or simply having put up with us for however many years, we all know that mothers are warriors.

Quirky and cool, this umbrella makes a stylish change from the drab, polka dot affairs you tend to find at druggists. Plus, you know it’s something she’ll actually use in this fickle British weather!

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She-Ra Princess of Power T-Shirt

If Wonder Woman isn’t Mum’s warrior princess of choice, it must be She-Ra (that’s just how it is; we don’t make the rules). This classic, retro design is bursting with colour, but don’t worry about it being garish: the print comes lightly distressed for that vintage feel.

For the honour of your household, you could hardly make a better choice this Mother’s Day – apart from, of course, some of the other items on this list.

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Rainbow Brite Mug

You don’t hear much about Rainbow Brite anymore, but this colourful character was a big hit among girls growing up in the 80s. Gifts like chocolates don’t last long, but a good quality mug will come in use for years.

Even better, as an exclusive item, this mug comes in its own gift box – perfect if you’re still looking for a gift but want to avoid that mad dash for packaging and wrapping paper.

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Labyrinth Door Mat

Granted, a doormat isn’t a typical Mother’s Day gift, but that’s only because a brown mat with WELCOME on it is nowhere near as exciting as this.

Labyrinth is a truly iconic 80s movie; after all, who can forget those innumerable puppet horrors and David Bowie’s – shall we say – pelvic presence? With this gift, you can invite your loved ones inside for a nice cup of tea and a screening.

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Care Bear Door Mat

Is the mother in your life a Funshine Bear, a Cheer Bear, or a Grumpy Bear? Probably best not to tell her, but thankfully with this Care Bear doormat you don’t have to choose.

This coconut doormat is an official Care Bear product, meaning it’s both hardwearing and properly sets the tone for your household. After all, caring is what counts!

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Rainbow Brite ‘Made in the 80s’ T-Shirt

For those of us who grew up in the 80s, there’s no question that it’s a decade that shaped us. Even if there are some embarrassing photos featuring perms, leg warmers and shell suits, the era of positive thinking and bright colour has never gone away. You can take the mum out of the 80s, but you can’t take the 80s out of the mum!

If that sounds like the woman you know, you could do a lot worse than this cotton-rich Rainbow Brite t-shirt. Retro is cooler than ever.

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Rainbow Brite Door Mat

What’s better than a doormat? Ah, that old riddle. The answer, of course, is a glittery doormat, and what better a thing to be glittery than a Rainbow Brite doormat?

With vibrant, cheery colours, this stain-resistant doormat makes for the perfect welcome, and now the mother in your life can really feel like she’s stepping into Rainbow Land.

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Freddie Mercury T-Shirt

Can anybody find me a gift for Mother’s Day? It’s a resounding yes on that one. Freddie Mercury was a bona fide 80s icon who feels just as relevant today as he did back then.

Queen t-shirts are a dime a dozen, but few look and feel as good as this one. It’s colourful but understated, and it’s made from 100% cotton for extra softness. Sometimes, buying clothing for Mother’s Day can be risky. Not so with this tee, which you can be confident will be worn week in, week out.

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Frida Kahlo Tropical Metal Water Bottle

On Mother’s Day, it’s important to make sure everything is as beautiful as it can be – whether that’s making an extra effort with the house or cooking a beautiful meal, and especially when it comes to your choice of gift.

This Frida Kahlo water bottle isn’t just pretty, it’s eco-conscious too. It’s completely BPA-free, thermal, and it comes in an elegant box!

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Classic Mustard Yellow Casio Watch

What time is it? Time to get a watch, of course! Casio watches were all the rage in the 80s, and now these brightly-coloured timekeepers are circling back to being in vogue again.

Water-resistant and easy to wear, this is a practical fashion statement with a rich hue that goes with more than you’d think.

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Rainbow Brite Badge

Your lanyards and lapels need be bare no longer – this Rainbow Brite badge has got you covered. Make a subtle but colourful nod towards a classic character, and you can be safe in the knowledge that this hard enamel pin is up to the task of withstanding your day in, day out routine.

Plus, it’s just the right size for celebrating one of Mum’s favourite series without being overbearing. It’s a brilliant balance.

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Disney Villains Sweater

When it comes to jumpers, there are a lot to choose from. But why go for something bland when you could get one adorned with Disney villains?

These capital-F Fierce women know what they want and they try as hard as they can to get it. Evil intentions aside, that might sound like the mother in your life!

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Beauty and the Beast Heat-Changing Mug

The 2017 remake made over a billion dollars at the box office, and the 1991 original remains a landmark event in movie history, so why not celebrate Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with this gorgeous heat-changing mug?

Just add hot water, and the wilting rose blossoms into the iconic ballroom scene. Plus, this mug has a 400ml capacity, so she’ll never be shortchanged on those well-earned cups of tea ever again.

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The Lion King Mug

As much as she loves you, it’s fair to say that the burdens of family life can sometimes be overwhelming, so this mug – featuring Scar lamenting how he’s “surrounded by idiots” – is a cute way to recognise the vast amount of effort she puts in just to keep you from collapsing in a heap of your own stupidity.

Even better, this mug comes in an authentic Lion King box, ideal to be given as a gift.

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Gremlins Gizmo-Shaped Mug

Oh, Gremlins, the surprisingly gruesome Christmas classic. It might be a film that includes catapulting an old lady through a window, but there’s no denying that Gizmo is utterly adorable.

And the great thing about using Gizmo’s head as a mug is that his ears provide two handles. You’ll never spill a drop!

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Ghibli Gang T-Shirt

With the recent addition of Studio Ghibli’s back catalogue to Netflix, the mother in your life might well have (re)ignited a passion for these beautiful animated characters.

This Ghibli Gang t-shirt has all the Totoro and Spirited Away goodness you could want while also being a genuinely lovely design, subtle enough to be worn on any occasion but recognisable enough to celebrate the films.

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Feathers McGraw Water Bottle

Your eyes do not deceive you. Now you can get your hands on Wallace and Gromit’s iconic Feathers McGraw in the form of this hilarious water bottle.

Now, every time you unscrew McGraw’s cunning disguise to take a drink, you can yell “it’s you?!” and hydrate. Why not take it on a trip to the zoo?

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Friends ‘Rachel to My Monica’ Mug

When you grow up, you realise that your mum really is your best friend – and what better way to celebrate that friendship than with some official Friends merchandise?

Just imagine a cute evening of hot drinks in this beautiful mug and binge-watching the iconic sitcom. Isn’t that the perfect Mother’s Day?

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Retro Video Tapes T-Shirt

Sometimes it can be hard to pick just one nostalgic TV show or film to commemorate – thankfully, with this t-shirt you won’t have to. Featuring a stacked VHS cassette design and some of the top properties of the 70s and 80s, this classy item kills 12 birds with one 100% cotton stone.

Is the mother in your life more of a Top of the Pops, Art Attack or NeverEnding Story kind of gal? It doesn’t matter – this shirt has everything!

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Mulan Mug

The live-action Mulan movie is out later this year, so why not get your Disney-loving mum tickets and this brilliant mug to go with it?

There’s a danger with mugs that they end up looking all the same, but the unique design of this pagoda mug is both fun and comfortable – and who can resist Cri-Kee the cricket?

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