We’re still three weeks away from Easter, but already 2019 is looking like a particularly good vintage – at least where the Easter eggs are concerned.

Already this Eastertide, we’ve had the Marmite-flavoured chocolate egg, a Jaegermeister egg, even an egg made entirely from cheese.

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Creative as these unique confections are, however, M&S might have them all beat, with its special edition, retro-flavoured new Easter egg.

Named the Jazzie Egg, M&S’s newest Easter concoction is a milk chocolate egg decorated like one giant, egg-shaped Jazzie sweet.

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Popular with pick ‘n’ mix enthusiasts back in the day, Jazzies are milk or white chocolate buttons sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.

Sadly, there is no white chocolate Jazzie Egg – or Snowie Egg, if you will – but a milk chocolate variety is available now.

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Weighing 150g, the Jazzie Egg is only available in store, but you can pick one up from all good M&S stores now for just £4.

Or, if you’re not into the whole Easter thing, you can cut out the middle man and get your hands on a 450 gram bag of Jazzies from Amazon for £4.99.