The A-Team, which followed our favourite gang of escaped convicts-turned-heroes, became one of NBC’s most successful shows when it ran from 1983 to 1987. Starring George Peppard as Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, Dirk Benedict as Lieutenant Templeton Smith, Dwight Schultz as H.M. ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock and Bosco ‘Bad Attitude’ Baracus, also known as Mr. T, it spawned a wide range of highly popular merchandise.

Here are some of the most valuable 80s-era A-Team toys that collectors prize highly today.

Interceptor Jet Bomber – $400

This 1983 set has fetched consistently astonishing prices on eBay over the past few months, with its figure of Murdoch alongside the famous aircraft. This highly articulated, delicate toy set has a lot of small and breakable pieces, so is very difficult to find intact.

This Jet Bomber sold for $399.99 in December 2022. The box had been opened, but parts within remained taped in place and had never been used.

Motorized Patrol Boat – $299

Among the hundreds of vehicles featured in the A-Team TV show were various ships and boats, all of which were typically showcased during chase scenes. This toy boasts a “real working electric outboard motor” and came with a figure of Hannibal to captain the vessel. It sold for $299.99 in January 2023.

“[The] box has wear and tear,” the seller wrote. “Plastic parts on box are ripped, smashed and yellowed. Purchased it this way and I’ve never removed it from box. Not sure if it’s complete or if it still works.”

Murdoch – $319

H.M. ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock is the A-Team’s resident pilot and a veteran of the Vietnam War. Interned in a psychiatric hospital, he breaks out frequently to join the A-Team on their adventures. His action figure is among the most valuable of the franchise, as this particular model sold for $318.74 in March 2023.

The toy is encased in a plastic box that has been signed: “To Jason, from ‘Howling Mad’ Dwight Schultz.” However, the origin of the autograph is non-verified, the seller pointed out that the written message hasn’t been authenticated.

Photo Card Pack – $315

These trading card packs each contained 24 cards, including photo cards of Murdock and Baracus. After attracting 43 bids in an online auction, one card pack sold for the impressive sum of $315 in December 2022.

The pack in question was factory-sealed and in pristine condition, which led to its higher-than-average resale price.

Amy A. Allen – $250

Amy Amanda Allen, nicknamed ‘Triple A’, made regular appearances in the first two seasons of the A-Team. This newspaper reporter, played by Melinda Culea, eventually ended up having some of the most prized merchandise from the entire franchise.

One Allen figure sold for $249.99 in January 2023. “Amy comes in new excellent condition, but does come as seen so please review all photos and ask any questions before buying,” the seller wrote.

Talking Mr T – $250

Mr T had his own talking action figure in 1983. The toy manufacturer Galoob doesn’t mention the A-Team or Mr T’s other character name Baracus on the packaging. However, it does note: “The real-life superhero is talking to you. Listen!”

His pre-recorded phrases are: “I pity the poor fool”, a reference to his Rocky III role, “Man, you’re crazy,” “Study hard in school” and “Always listen to your parents.” In December 2022, this toy sold for a total of $249.88 in an eBay auction. The seller in question hailed from Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Command Chopper and Van – $240

The A-Team Command Chopper set is difficult to find in pristine condition these days, as the set came with a separate van, propeller blades and decals. One complete Chopper set sold for $239.99 on eBay in March 2023.

“[The] box comes with some mild wear as shown,” the seller noted. “Toy is currently tied to cardboard as seen, but may have been removed at some point. Toy is a hard find and does come as is so please review all photos and ask any questions before buying.”

Mr T – $231

This jointed and poseable figure of Mr T, likely dating to 1983, is among the most popular A-Team figures for today’s collectors.

One example of this collectable sold online for $231.20 in December 2022. Shipping alone cost $47.55 and it came from an adult collector based in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Mr T Dumbbell Set – $200

“Build up your muscles like ‘B.A. Baracus’,” the packaging of this 1983 merchandise declares. A rare find, these dumbbells could be filled with sand or water to increase their weight. They were recommended only for children over the age of eight.

These dumbbells sold for $199.99 in January 2023, from a home in Sicklerville, New Jersey. “[It is] missing the end caps to the Dumbbells,” the seller mentioned. “Box displays great, showing some shelf wear.”

Armoured Truck and Trailer – $185

This armoured truck and trailer set was packed with miniature details, including three figures, missiles, a gun tripod and an aerial extension.

One eBay seller based in Los Angeles offered up an incomplete version of the set, noting, “No figures are included, what you see is what you get.” The toy nevertheless sold for an impressive $185 in March 2023.

Cobra – $175

Cobra was among the ‘Bad Guys’ gang that featured in A-Team merchandise. His packaging describes him as a “demolitions commando” and states “[He’s] trained to sneak into any target and set his explosives. Only Hannibal can out-think him.”

A six-inch model of Cobra dating to 1983 sold online for $175 in February 2023. “[The] figure has been stored in a dry, smoke-free home,” the seller advised. “Bubble is in great shape, the card has only minor bends and shelf wear.”

The Bad Guys – $175

Cobra, Viper, Python and Rattler are the four ‘Bad Guys’ of the A-Team franchise, armed to the teeth with rifles and flame throwers. “They’re wanted by every law enforcement agency in the world,” their packaging explains. “They’re out to stop THE A-TEAM. Sooner or later THE A-TEAM will lock them up.”

This set of all four characters made a paltry total of $175 after attracting 29 bids on The plastic packaging showed some minor wear and tear.

Tactical Van Set – $171

This 1983 play set, which includes a tactical van, a Baracus figure and a bright yellow hydrant, was sold on eBay in January 2023 by a collector in Doncaster, UK. It made a total of $171.22.

“This is probably still one of the best-detailed plastic A-Team vans produced to date,” the seller added. “The van is circa 25cm long and is designed for the smaller 3 3/4″ figures and their accessories.”

Action Train Set – $150

A seller based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania offered up this A-Team-themed train set in February 2023, where it sold for $149.95 plus $25.54 for shipping.

“This train set is untested,” the seller wrote. “It was visually inspected and appears to still be in good condition. The set is believed to be complete… [It] will have imperfections due to its age and previous handling.”

Combat Headquarters – $110

The A-Team Combat Headquarters set, for ages five and up, brought the TV show to life with terrain, a tent, a lifeboat and a fire pit. A used example sold for $110 on eBay in February 2023, arriving from a home in Rochester, New York.

“A classic and hard-to-find set of figures and items from the popular A-Team 80’s TV show!”, was the seller’s description. “Eight classic figures including the entire main team and a bunch of baddies, plus a whole bunch of accessories, a cardboard mat for placing all of them, and even the original box! Grab it all up today!”