Furbies, created in 1998 and released by Tiger Electronics, quickly went from novelty robotic pets to must-have toys, with over 40 million sold in their first three years on the market. They then experienced a renaissance in 2018, when photography student and artist Aloe designed the first long Furby, inspired by other popular memes like Longcat.

From there, long Furbies and other cursed Furby mods became the ultimate status symbol for people who spent too much time on Tumblr. Here are the most evil modified Furbies you’ll ever see.

1. The Furby in the centre of the spiral

Credit: fubbygunk via Tumblr

When the long Furby trend started, most of the bespoke Furbies being made were around the length of a doorstop.

However, like all fads, the more it progressed the more extreme it got, with Furbies getting lengthier and lengthier over time.

2. Biblically accurate angel… Furby

Credit: mossferns via Tumblr

Tumblr has had a fair few fixations over the years, from The Lorax’s Once-ler to rights for people with rabies.

The cursed creature you can see above combines two of the platform’s favourite obsessions: cursed-looking Furbies and biblically-accurate angels. Cool, right?

3. No monkey business

Credit: icecrunch2000 via Tumblr

When it comes to cursed Furbies, there are a couple of rules it’s best to keep in mind. One: the further a Furby gets from its original body type, the creepier it gets.

Two: the more limbs and appendages you add, the more nightmares the cursed one is likely to inspire.

4. Udderly delightful

Credit: furby-extravaganza via Tumblr

Not everyone who makes a long Furby wants to create the most cursed creature known to man.

Some people are just looking to build an adorable and quirky companion to hang out in their room or post about on Tumblr. With that said, even the best-laid plans can go awry…

5. All the better to hug you with

Credit: hellfurby via Tumblr

The same part of the brain that shudders away from spiders and centipedes is also repulsed by Furbies with too many arms or legs.

When the creator of said cursed Furby included ‘limbs’ resembling human anatomy, it’s all the creepier.

6. Domo arigato, Furby roboto

Credit: fubzilla via Tumbr

Just because cursed Furbies were created as an expression of Tumblr’s latent chaos, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an element of aesthetics involved as well.

While all custom Furbies have an uncanny essence to them, many are almost beautiful: with long, flowing fur, long, feathery eyelashes and carefully chosen accessories. Not true for this particular cursed Furby, though.

7. Cinched for the hells

Credit: nekomatafurby via Tumblr

There are many subgenres of cursed Furbies, from standard long Furbies to spider Furbies to Furby faces transplanted onto other kinds of toys.

However, if you’re in the market for a cursed Furby and your tastes run to the gothic, then you can’t do much better than a demon Furby like this one.

8. Leader of the herd

Credit: duchess-evelyn-furb via Tumblr

Despite their close-together, forward-set eyes implying that they are a predator race and not prey, Furbies are pretty defenceless and low on the food chain.

That’s why it’s so unnerving to see a cursed Furby that looks like it could gallop towards you at full speed and do some serious damage with its antlers.

9. What’re you hiding?

Credit: nekomatafurby via Tumblr

The creepiness of a cursed Furby comes from the contradiction between its unnerving, unusual proportions and totally normal face.

That doesn’t mean that when you cover the face of a bespoke Furby with a mask, however, that it automatically becomes less terrifying.

10. Spider-Furb, Spider-Furb, does whatever a Spider-Furb does

Out of all the hallmarks a cursed Furby can have, spider legs are maybe the most quintessential.

After all, what is more nightmare-inducing than the idea of a Furby scuttling across the ceiling in the dark, down towards you?

11. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Credit: Devin Gardner

The forays into body horror and chaos happened later in the cursed Furbies trend, when independent creators began to explore the bounds of exactly how horrifying you could make a Furby and still have someone buy it.

That’s how you end up with a Furby like this one, which appears to have duck feet for hands and happens to resemble a giant, overstuffed egg.

12. Would you like beans with that?

The easiest way to turn a regular Furby into a cursed Furby is to remove the face and feet from the body, and transplant them both onto a longer and more worm-like form.

However, there are other ways to turn one from mundane to monstrous, such as keeping the Furby’s original squat and meek form, but twisting it in a different, more horrific, way.

13. I wish I could fly, right up in the sky… but I can’t!

Credit: GlitterCritter

The taxonomy of a Furby is a pretty interesting question. Google describes the Furby as somewhere between an owl and a hamster, due to the large, forward-facing eyes and beak.

What is clear is that the Furby is at least bird-adjacent, since it lays eggs and make nests, so transferring the face of a Furby onto another kind of bird really shouldn’t be that terrifying… and yet it is!

14. It’s Furbies all the way down

Credit: David Gardner

By now, you’ve probably got a good idea of the equation you can use to make your own cursed Furby.

Though there are many different variations, the most basic formula looks something like this: more limbs + more heads + more body = more fear induced in the beholder.

15. Need a hand?

Credit: Floridamandan89

From Barbies all the way to baby dolls, Toy Story has proven that dolls can easily turn from angelic smiling figures tucked up in a pram or in Barbie’s dreamhouse, to total horror shows.

This is especially true when their limbs are ripped off to be repurposed as Furby appendages.

16. Got any bread, m8?

How do you make a cursed Furby even scarier than it already is? Why, you model it after Earth’s most fearsome creature of course!

That doesn’t mean adding a lion’s tail or a hawk’s talons or even a stinging scorpion tale, but instead modelling it after a humble pigeon.

17. The doorman at the Furby lounge

Speaking of Furbies you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley, this one definitely fits the bill.

This mountain of a creature looks like a giant denim pillow, without any of the softness or friendliness, and probably around the same likelihood of knocking you out.

18. What a star!

Credit: illunatose / sevore.74 via Instagram

What’s a surefire way to make a long Furby even creepier than it already is? Turn it into a pentagram!

This would be a pretty standard long Furby if it weren’t for the satanic shape it has been twisted into. Plus, the placement on the rug makes it look like the Furby is just about to commence with some kind of esoteric ritual.

19. Lotso nightmares

Credit: lane_posts_creatures via Instagram

Not all cursed Furbies have much in common with their off-the-shelf cousins by the time they’ve finished being designed.

The most obvious departure is that often their features are transplanted onto the faces of other toys, whether that means a standard teddy bear or a stuffed bird. However, this Furby takes things even further, by putting another face on this Lots-o bear’s stomach.

20. Not a Stitch out of place

Given its somewhat normal construction, it’s impossible to say what makes this particular cursed Furby so ghoulish.

Maybe it’s the fact that the whole tummy section has been transplanted onto the long body; maybe it’s the weird mauve fur shade that is just a touch too far away from a real fur or skin colour; or maybe it’s just the length in general.

21. Howling at the moon

Credit: kaijubreak via Tumblr

As if the dark blue and black colour scheme of this Furby wasn’t creepy enough, it also has fur-covered wings that look unsettlingly like giant versions of the ears a Furby normally has.

Not only that, but instead of actual ears it also has weird black nubs – creepy.

22. Looks that could stop traffic

Credit: swords and chaos via Tumblr

Taking off a Furby’s head and adding it to another kind of toy is scary enough, but what if you paste the face onto a different kind of inanimate object?

Well, then you get a reject from the puppet reboot of Stephen King’s It, as evidenced by this Furby-meets-traffic-cone abomination.

23. Uh-oh, someone’s got pinkeye

Credit: aqkslsosz via Tumblr

If anything, this Furby is evidence that long, fluffy white fur and glowing, pink glass eyes do not a cute toy automatically make.

This cursed Furb has all the hallmarks of an adorable teddy, and yet it looks like something you would find in the woods on a misty day.

24. All dressed up with no place to go

Credit: swords and chaos via Tumblr

Have you ever looked at a cursed Furby and thought “wow, the problem with this is that it’s naked”?

Well, the above image is evidence that putting a Furby in a pink dress won’t necessarily make it any cuter.

25. Fancy haircut

Credit: Swords ans Chaos

It’s the simplicity of this cursed Furby that makes it so upsetting to look at.

The short body that’s somewhere between a potato and a worm, the lack of limbs, the grey suede and completely mismatched hair. A true vision from a nightmare.

26. What’s in a name?

Credit: ccat-o-0 via Tumblr

This is a pretty standard cursed Furby, and parts of it are even kind of stylish (namely the sparkly black fur and glittery, glassy eyes).

However, its name tag ups the cursed factor by at least ten, as the image of its body being filled with hot broth and wiggly noodles is downright horrifying.

27. Clowning on the haters

Credit: sworda and chaos via Tumblr

There aren’t many things scarier than a cursed Furby, but clowns are definitely up there.

Combine the two into some kind of caterpillar clown monster, and it’s no surprise that it turns into a thing of nightmares.

28. He’s a handsome gentleman

Credit: hellfurby via Tumblr

Even if this Furby’s head had been transplanted onto the body of a completely proportional human, it would still be pretty creepy.

However, there’s no denying that the long dangly arms take this specimen from unsettling to horror show.

29. Going to the rodeo

Credit: ghostlygoobertart via Tumblr

A purple, fluffy monster with four arms should be pretty cute – Art from Monsters University is evidence of that.

With that said, something about the green and blue clashing face and tiny cowboy hat takes this evil Furby from adorable to kind of hard to look at.

30. It’s a purple people eater!

Credit: furbs-and-wurms via Tumblr

The reason why this Furby is so cursed is simple: it’s lumpy.

It’s got a lump, crocheted body with clashing ears and a friendship bracelet as a necklace, and all of that combines to create a creature only a mother could love.