With the sun out in full force, it’s fair to say that more than a few of us will be hitting up the beer gardens after work this week! Maybe the heat will tempt some of us to have one or two more beers than we perhaps should. Beers are lovely, but have too many and you’re more than likely to face that one side-effect we all dread getting…the hangover.
You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, but many people have their own ‘proven way,’ to lessen its effects. Some people swear by drinking two pints of water before sleeping. Others reckon a kebab dripping with garlic mayonnaise is the best method to offset the headache in the morning. But sometimes we simply forget to go these things, or are just too drunk to remember. In these instances we have to face the full-force of the hangover head on, and again, attempt to make ourselves feel better. And there’s something we all turn to when trying to get us through the pain…food.
Some people pick at the crisps, others scoff the the chocolate…but Morrisons are now selling what we believe to be the best hangover cure of them all…Dirty Carbonara Fries. We’re almost wanting a hangover ourselves just because of how good they would taste in that groggy state.
The delicious-sounding chips are smothered in a creamy carbonara sauce, with baked lardons of bacon and melted Regato cheese. Chips and a creamy pasta dish are two of our favourite foods, so putting them together in the same melt-in-your-mouth meal is the perfect way to see you through that groggy day!
The ready to eat potato crisps smothered in a creamy, cheesy sauce and topped with lardons are new to Morrisons and a prepared and packaged in a metal sleeve so that you can but them directly into the oven to bake. Each pack weighs 378g, serves two people and costs a mere £2.50. They may serve two, but we’re definitely not going to be sharing! However, if you’re watching your waist line and trying to quickly get that summer body ready for the hotter months, you might want to think again.
One back of the cheesy pasta fries is a whopping 588 calories if, like us, you were going to put it all away yourself. So half of the pack which is recommended for one person comes in at 294 calories. This is more than a McDonald’s Big Mac which only contains 257. If you were eating the fries as a meal on its own, these numbers wouldn’t really sound too bad, but the chips are normally sold as a side to your main meal. To be honest, we’d probably get another pack of these and have that as the main meal, and then again for dessert.
Because the fries are fresh, they will keep in your fridge for up to four days, or you could always stick them in the freezer to make them last that much longer. Even though you need to cook them in the oven, they come part of Morrisons BBQ range and they’re available in stores now.