10 Things Men Did Back In The Day That We Are Glad They Don’t Do Today

Back then, even men were going all out to express themselves with fashion.  They had a lot of bright clothes to choose from and accessories as well. Sometimes it was just in the way they wore it! They also took great pride in putting together their look in a lot of creative ways.  So, let’s take a look back at some of these fashion trends for men in the 80s.

1. Headbands.

This picture has a lot going for it but lets focus on what he’s wearing on his head.  Everyone had one of these!

2. Miami Vice.

This look was made popular by the TV show. We just called it the ‘Miami Vice’ look.

3. Polo Shirts.

This was a simple design but all the guys were able to turn it into a look that they could be proud to wear.

4. Puffy Vests.

These were designed to keep your body warm but your arms didn’t have to be tied down. In this movie, when he went back into the past, they all thought that it was a life jacket.

5. Sunglasses.

No matter what you were wearing, you always topped it off with a pair of these shades.

6. Thick, gold chains.

This was more for those who enjoyed rap and hip hop but plenty of people were wearing these necklaces.

7. The sweater.

Yep, sweaters are good for keeping you warm but the guys just liked to wear them like this.  No reason.

8. Muscle shirts.

This worked best if you had muscles like this to show off.

9. Popped collar.

No matter what shirt or jacket a man was wearing in the 80s, the collar on it was always popped!

10. The Mullet.

They used to say, “Business up front and party in the back!”  They weren’t kidding!