11 Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Facts About ‘Little Rascals’

This show was a hit on TV decades ago and it was turned into a movie during the 90s and has since become a modern day classic for today’s audience to enjoy as well. However, here are some fascinating facts that went on behind-the-scenes that you will find interesting. Take a look:

1. The entire movie was inspired by ‘Our Gangs’ shorts from the 20’s.

Not everything was taken from the TV show.

2. Both Spanky and Alfalfa Really wanted to dance.

They were serious about wanting to learn the choreography but they were told to be goofy instead.

3. Superstar cameos.

In the background of this scene (top left) you can see the famous twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

4. Unscripted.

Ross Bagley says that he improvised this line and it was so catchy that many people still sing it today.

5. Another cameo.

She made an appearance in this film too as Buckwheat’s mom.

6. Their last names mean more than you think.

Spanky and Alfalfa’s last names are McFarland and Switzer in this film and they are the last names of the actors who played those parts during the 1930s.

7. Another member of the gang was supposed to join.

The producers wanted Little Rascal’s original star George ‘Spanky’ McFarland to play a part but he passed away before the movie began filming.

8. The director made this gesture every morning.

Her name was Penelope Spheeris and she did this every morning and also made sure that the kids all received a hug from her everyday.

9. Real friends.

Even though Travis Tedford (Spanky) and Bug Hall (Alfalfa) played friends on the screen, they were all really good friends behind the scenes.

10. Filmed out of order.

The director also wanted to film the middle of the movie before the beginning and closing scenes so that the kids would feel more like friends.

11. Trump cameo.

Even Donald Trump played a small role in this film as Waldo’s dad.