We recently published a post remembering 10 items that all of us can remember from our bathrooms when we were growing up, and it definitely captured the imagination of many of you 80s kids.

From Knitted Toilet Roll Covers to Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm, from Matey Bubble Bath to Oxy 10 Spot Cream, lots of you joined with us in reminiscing about some of the most memorable toiletry items from our very favourite decade.

Many of you also suggested some other items you felt we should have included, so we thought it only right that we bring you a list of another 10 items that we all had in our bathrooms in the 1980s. We really hope you enjoy this very clean and beautifully smelling trip down memory lane!

10. Punch & Judy Toothpaste

Many of us grew up brushing our teeth with generic (and perhaps even boring) brands like Colgate, with only a select few being lucky enough to own the delicious tasting raspberry-flavoured Punch & Judy toothpaste.

It’s amazing what putting a couple of well-known characters on the front of a tube of toothpaste can do for its desirability when you’re young. As the manufacturer no doubt exclaimed during an advertisement focused board meeting: “That’s the way to do it!”


9. Wet Look Hair Gel

In the late 80s and early 90s, many of us boys were desperate to enhance our dry, bland hair by slapping on copious amounts of wet look styling gel.

Whether we were after a spiky look or wanted dead straight curtains so we could entice a mysterious girl like Peter Andre, there was only thing that was for certain: the more wet look gel we used the better!


8. L’Oreal Studio Line

‘Stu-stu-stu Studio Line’ went the extremely catchy advert, a campaign that meant we were all desperate to collect all of the Studio Line products and display them in our 1980s bathroom.

From hairspray to gel to wax, the Studio Line range was all we needed to look absolutely stunning when we were growing up.


7. Insignia Aftershave

A logo and design that you can’t fail to have seen at least once when you were growing up, Insignia made our dads (and us) smell amazingly desirable.

There were many other aftershave products available (one of which we have right at the bottom of our list), but Insignia simply had to be our favourite.


6. Bath Tap Showers

These days lots of us are spoilt with our boiling hot and extremely powerful electric showers, but how many of you remember the days when you would attach a couple of tubes to your bath taps?

Yes, this budget way to shower was better than nothing, even if the water barely dripped out of the showerhead.


5. Insette Hair Spray

The 1980s was of course a time that required a lot of hairspray to keep some of our more adventurously wild hairstyles completely solid.

This meant that the words ‘extra’ and ‘hold’ on our can of hairspray were absolutely essential, which is why we always made sure to choose the Insette brand.


4. Roma Perfume

There are a couple of aftershaves on our list, but what product did the females amongst us use to make themselves smell wonderful?

Why, Roma Eau de Toilette of course, which we remember being available to purchase at The Body Shop, alongside a wide range of other wonderfully scented goodies.


3. Flex Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner

Take two bottles into the shower? Well yes, in the 1980s we did actually, and our favourite brand was always Flex.

Promising to ‘Fortify, Nourish and Protect’ our hair, Flex was the only shampoo and conditioner brand that we needed.

2. He-Man Bubble Bath

Our previous bathroom items post mentioned bubble bath that came housed within a Keyper (remember those?), but what was there for us 80s boys?

Thankfully, some of us were lucky enough to get our hands on He-Man and Skeletor bubble bath, which meant that our parents never had to ask us twice to get in the bath at the end of the day.


1. Jazz Aftershave

We’ve already mentioned Insignia aftershave, but those of you who don’t remember that brand may instead recall your dad wearing Jazz.

It came in some amazingly designed black and white packaging, meaning that if Jazz aftershave wasn’t the most expensive brand on the market, then it certainly looked like it should be.