What it is that decides whether or not we are true children of the 1980s? Is the simple fact that we grew up during the decade enough, or is there something more? We’re asking the question but we also have the answer… Below are 14 sweets that will define which of you is the greatest 80s child of them all.

Simply post a comment telling us how many of the sweets you remember, and if one of you can somehow recall all of these tasty sugary snacks, then you will be crowned the truest 80s child of them all!

1. Fizz Wizz

Fizz Wizz almost literally made your mouth explode, so were of course extremely popular.

Do you remember the amazing sensation they gave your insides when you consumed them? If so then please award yourself one point!

2. Opal Fruits

Starburst? What’s a Starburst? In the 1980s we only had Opal Fruits, and not only was the name better but they somehow managed to taste even chewier than they do today.

You get a point if you remember eating these tasty treats before they were given the unnecessary name change.

3. Sherbet Fountain

Do you remember dipping a sugary licorice stick into a cylindrical shaped tub of sugar?

If so then you definitely remember Sherbet Fountains and you should award yourself another point!

4. Chewits

Yes, Chewits are still available today, but you can give yourself a point if you remember eating them as a wee child.

And we will consider handing out extra points to anyone who can remember the now defunct Ice Cream flavor, or can at least remember the brilliant TV ad featuring a Godzilla type monster!

5. Mojos

Do you remember eating Mojos?

Whilst we would expect most of you to remember the sweets we’ve listed up until this point, perhaps we’re now starting to see one or two that not everyone can recall?

6. Fruit Salad

Has anyone eaten a Fruit Salad recently?

Let us tell you that they don’t taste anywhere near the same, or as nice, as the ones we remember from our childhood.

7. Toffo

Toffo was tough enough to remove your teeth, but we really didn’t care, because these toffee sweets that came in a range of different flavours.

They were absolutely delicious!

8. Refreshers

Award yourself a point if you remember eating these brilliantly fizzy refreshers.

But only if they were wrapped in the very same packaging that you see displayed before you below!

9. Wham Bars

Wham was a ‘tongue-tingling chew bar’ with ‘super fizz.’

We can remember sneaking them into school in our backpacks. How about you?

10. Hubba Bubba

Chewing Hubba Bubba made us all feel really cool at school, and they were so tasty that it was disappointing that you couldn’t actually swallow them.

Although we knew a kid who did, his stomach must have been a right mess.

11. White Chocolate Fish And Chips

Do you remember going into a newsagents’ and being sold penny sweets for 1p (or even half a penny) by a dedicated penny sweet member of staff?

We sure do, and we always made sure to stock up in White Chocolate Fish and Chips, as they were our absolute favourite.

12. Black Jacks

Are you a licorice lover? Then dock yourself one point.

Only kidding, because whilst we personally can’t stand the stuff, we know that many of you love it and would happily munch on Black Jacks for hours on end back in the 1980s!

13. Jelly Tots

Do you remember Jelly Tots when they came in this delightful packaging?

The award yourself a point, and reminisce on the days when we could munch on these lovely treats without having to worry about the health of our body or teeth.

14. Dip Dab

There were better quality images available for the more up to date Dip Dab packaging, but this was the version we remember, with the rectangular rather than circular lolly.

Who didn’t like dipping some sugar on a stick into some more sugar in a bag?