There are some things us 80s kids take completely for granted that the younger generations can or will never understand. You may have seen videos popping up on YouTube or Facebook showing older members of society laughing at the young ones not being able to work out how to use an old style rotary telephone or understand what the purpose of a Floppy Disk is, they’re absolutely hilarious!

Because how can items that we understand completely be so confusing to others? Surely everyone remembers Overhead Projectors, VHS Tapes and International STA Swimming Badges? No? It’s time to prove once and for all that you are a genuine 80s kid (and not a millennial!) by seeing how many of the following 15 items you know and understand. Please post a comment letting us know how many you recognise, and be sure to share this post with your fellow children of the 1980s so they too can put themselves to the test!

1. NatWest Bank Pigs

If we’re honest we can’t remember exactly how you got your hands on the gorgeous family of Natwest Pigs, but we do remember that we wanted to own them all really badly!

2. Blank Cassette Tapes

Blank cassette tapes were absolutely essential items for all 80s kids, allowing us to record songs from the Top 40 on a Sunday afternoon!

3. Golden Gum Glue

There was regular glue, and there was the superior Golden Gum Glue, which could be seen in many schools across the land when we were young.

4. Keypers

Would a millennial have any idea of the wonder we felt when we realised that we could hide our special trinkets inside this amazing toy?

5. Rotary Phones

Yes, it’s true that some young people these days have no idea how to work an old style rotary phone, can you believe it?

6. Garbage Pail Kids

If you’re a true 80s kid then you’ll have spent many hours on the school playground viewing and swapping the gruesome Garbage Pail Kids collectible cards.

7. Rainbow Heart Rubbers

If your school pencil case didn’t contain a beautiful rainbow heart rubber back in the 1980s, then what on earth were you thinking?

8. Floppy Disks

Able to store a whopping 1.44MB of data, Floppy Disks were ahead of their time when we were young, but would a millennial even recognise what it is?

9. Index Catalogue

The youngsters may have heard of Argos, but us slightly older folk will also remember owning and browsing the delightful Index catalogue.

10. Subbuteo

Yes Subbuteo is still available, but sadly it’s not nearly as popular as it was back in the 1980s.

11. International STA Swimming Badges

We’re sure that Millennials enjoy learning to swim, but they’ll never be able to feel the delight of owning one of these brilliantly designed International STA Swimming Badges.

12. Overhead Projectors

These days schools are full of state of the art whiteboards and screens, but we had to make do with these brilliantly ancient machines. Remember your teacher swapping over the sheet of acetate?

13. Kellogg’s Bike Reflectors

Back in the 1980s, if you didn’t have a Kellogg’s bike reflector on your spokes then you really weren’t worth much at all.

14. Blank VHS Tapes

Do you remember recording your favourite TV show on a blank VHS tape? And do you also remember the feeling of rage when your sibling went and recording over it?

15. Wooden Rulers

These days they’re all made of plastic of course, but we long for the days when our school stationary set contained a ruler made out of good old fashioned wood.

If you have enjoyed reading this post, please do spread some lovely, warm, nostalgic memories to your friends and family (yes, even the millennials) by sharing it with them!