As a child back in the 1980s, how much room was there for you in your bed? Was there plenty of room for you to snuggle down at the end of another busy childhood day, or was your sleeping space full of little cuddly creatures instead?

We know for sure that some of you owned a multitude of furry friends as a kid, but what we really want to know is which of you had the most. So please cast your eyes on the list below, then post a comment letting us know how many of the cuddly toys you owned!

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1. Alf

He was quite possibly the ugliest cuddly toy of all time, but boy did we love him! How many of you snuggled up to the lovely alien Alf at the end of a busy day?

2. Fluppy Dogs

With hair that could not be tamed, Fluppy Dogs came in a variety of colours, but we remember the pink one with much fondness. Which one did you own?

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3. Furskins

You see, we think one or two of these cuddly toys are not as well known as others, and these are a good example. Can you prove us wrong? Did you own a Furskin?

4. Garfield

You couldn’t beat the lovely, lazy cat Garfield. Whether reading the brilliant comic strip, watching the cartoon, or cuddling up to the soft toy, he was without doubt an absolute legend.

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5. Grumples

One of a number of rather bizarre looking cuddly toys on this list, Grumples with their strange faces and horribly long tongues were still extremely popular!

6. Monchhichi

It really didn’t get any cuter than a Monchhichi, and these gorgeous baby monkeys still give us a lovely warm feeling inside our tummy!

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7. Muppet Babies

We remember the Muppet Babies cartoon very well, but sources tell us that you could also obtain cuddly toy versions from McDonalds. Can anyone verify this?

8. My Pet Monster

If ever there was a horrible monster that was also incredibly cute, then My Pet Monster was it, just look at him! And don’t pretend you don’t want to remove those handcuffs!

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9. Pillow People

Do you remember the Pillow People? Which one did you snuggle up to at bed time?

10. Poochie

Poocie was cool and cute all at the same time, a bit like us! Or at least so we thought back when we were kids.

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11. Popples

If you remember, Popples could be folded up into their own little furry bag, making what was already quite cuddly absolutely irresistible!

12. Puffalumps

An uglier toy we don’t think we’ve ever come across in our lives, but we are reliably informed that Puffalumps were extremely popular. Don’t tell us that you owned one of these strange looking creatures?

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13. Shirt Tales

Now, Shirt Tales were very cute, and came as a variety of different animals, including Monkeys, Foxes, Tigers and Pandas. Did you own one?

14. WereBears

An absolutely genius idea of a cuddly toy that could be both cute and ugly, friendly and scary, WereBears appealed to both sides of our personalities!

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15. Wrinkles

How cute were these little fellas? A face so floppy you could barely see his eyes, but we sure did love our Wrinkles!

If you have enjoyed reading this post, please do spread some lovely, warm, cuddly memories to your fellow 80s kids by sharing it with them!