Remember Louise Summers From Hollyoaks? This Is What She Is Doing Now!

It has been over 20 years since this Channel 4 soap opera first came on the scene. Have you ever wondered where the former stars are now? Check them out:

1. Luke Morgan (1999-2002)

Every girl had a crush on Gary Lucy  when he stepped on the scene as Luke Morgan.

After the show, he went on to play Kyle Pascoe in Footballer’s Wives. He also joined the cast of EastEnders as Danny Pennant.

2. Justin Burton (2003-2009)

As soon as Hollyoaks was over Chris Fountain (Justin Burton) joined Coronation Street as Michelle Keegan’s on-screen other half Tommy Duckworth.

After a rap video featuring Fountain, that explicitly endorsed violence against women he bowed out of the celeb life.

3. Calvin Valentine (2006-2011)

After being shot by Teresa McQueen, Ricky Whittle left the show.

Since the show he has appeared on shows like ‘The 100’ and ‘NCIS.’ He has also been in the gym a lot!

4. Debbie Dean (2002-2006)

After receiving British Soap Award for Sexiest Female she moved to America hoping for some kind of break.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out well for her and now nobody knows what she is up to.

5. Warren Fox (2006-2011)

Jamie Lomas was Hollyoaks’ original bad guy!

After his character was killed on the show he went on to play as Jake in EastEnders.

6. Louise Summers (2005-2008)

Roxane Mckee was the girl that every guy wanted to date and every girl wanted to be just like her.

Since the show, she has landed a role on Game Of Thrones – as Doreah! You go, girl!!!

7. Katy Fox (2007-2008)

Hannah Tointon was only on the show for a year but that was enough to get her name known!

Since the show, she appeared as Simon’s girlfriend in The Inbetweeners.