As a girl growing up in the 90s, who didn’t love Polly Pocket? That bitch had everything. A ferris wheel, a jacuzzi, a horse drawn carriage – seriously, she put Disney Princesses to shame. Even better, you could fit it all in your pocket and take it everywhere with you, which is how most of the pieces ended up down the side of the sofa.

Just because we’re adults, that doesn’t mean we’re over Polly Pocket. Thankfully, Truffle Shuffle have launched a clothing range inspired by our favourite mini heroine, and it’s cute asf.

I mean, how have we made it this far in life without this bag? Just look at it!

According to the website description, the cross body bag is “guaranteed to bring back lovely, nostalgic memories of playing with the popular toy.”

Sadly, it doesn’t come with our favourite tiny figures, but you can put them in there if you want too. Get your hands on it for £37.99

Or, if pink love hearts aren’t your thing, it also comes in shell form!

The aqua coloured design is a replica of an original Polly Pocket creation, and also retails at £37.99

Even better, Truffle Shuffle are working on a new purple heart design to add to the collection, which is expected to arrive on 5th July!

Got enough bags? Then how snuggly does this jumper showcasing all of our favourite Polly Pocket classics look? We’ll take 10! (One costs you £29.99)

Or, if you prefer a summer staple? The design also comes in t-shirt form for £19.99

There is also a vest for the same price. The description promises that “flaunting your love of old skool cool has never looked so good.”

Finally, this retro top is literally just our childhood in t-shirt form (£14.99)

Get your hands on the collection here.

Polly Pocket was invented in 1983 by Chris Wiggs for his daughter Kate. Using a make-up compact, he crafted a tiny house and matching doll she could carry around with her. Originally released in 1989 by Bluebird Toys, Mattel has been distributing Polly Pocket since the early 90s. The initial sets made by Bluebird Toys are now valuable to collectors.

In 1998, sales of Polly Pockets lulled, so Mattel gave her a redesign, swapping her famous blonde bob for a new ponytail. In 2002, Mattel stopped producing the original playset range, but although she was gone from stores, she was always in our hearts.

Along with this new fashion line for adults, it was announced earlier this year that Polly Pocket and pals will be making a comeback for 2018. The new toys are inspired by the original Bluebird playset designs that 90s kids loved so dearly, but are slightly larger (which hopefully means they’re more difficult to lose), introducing a new generation of girls to the magic of Polly Pocket. The relaunch also includes a TV series for kids to be released later this year.

Do you still have any of your original Polly Pockets? Are you as excited as us for the relaunch? Tell us in the comments!