Here’s What The Cast Of Police Academy Look Like Today!

As you will likely already know, Police Academy is a series of 7 comedy films, the first 6 of which were all released in the 1980s, starting in 1984 (which believe it or not was 35 years ago!) Whilst some of the films were less than impressive, many of us loved watching them growing up.

The first film was made in just 45 days for $4.5 million, and it made $81 million, making it the sixth highest grossing film of 1984. Unfortunately the seventh film in the series, Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, released in 1994, was the lowest grossing film in the series by a long way, and brought an end to the franchise (for now). Plenty of its stars went on to appear in countless other films and television series.

From Moses Hightower to Eugene Tackleberry, Have you ever wondered what cast of the original Police Academy film are up to now? And can you imagine what they look like three and a half decades later? Well wonder now longer, just scroll below to find out!

Steve Guttenberg (Cadet Carey Mahoney)

110 Here's What The Cast Of Police Academy Look Like Today!

We can’t imagine anyone other than Steve Guttenberg in the role, but producers apparently suggested Tom Hanks should play Carey Mahoney in these iconic films, and Bruce Willis also auditioned for the part!

Often seen protecting Commandant Lassard, Mahoney is the lead prankster who brings the cadets together, and is eventually decorated for bravery.

Guttenberg’s father was actually a real New York cop, and he starred in a number of other classic 80s films including Three Men and a Baby, Cocoon and Short Circuit. Only a few months ago he got married for the second time, to television reporter Emily Smith.

Kim Cattrall (Cadet Karen Thompson)

27 Here's What The Cast Of Police Academy Look Like Today!

Kim Cattrall had a memorable role as Cadet Karen Thompson in Police Academy, although she didn’t return for the later films. A former socialite, Karen Thompson joins the academy in pursuit of adventure. But among the Police Academy 1984 cast, Cattrall was clearly one to watch, as she’s probably best known for her role in a later television show…

Because Kim Cattrall received five Emmy Award nominations and four Golden Globe Award nominations (winning in 2002) for her performance as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City.

G. W. Bailey (Lt. Thaddeus Harris)

37 Here's What The Cast Of Police Academy Look Like Today!

Unbelievably, G.W. Bailey claimed he was so drunk whilst shooting as Thaddeus Harris in Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol that he doesn’t remember anything about it at all!

Lt Thaddeus Harris is an often unpleasant and cruel leader, who nevertheless is something of a joke in the eyes of every cadet.

Bailey is also well known for his role as Sergeant Luther Rizzo in the dark comedy M*A*S*H, and from 2005 to 2018 he played Lieutenant Louie Provenza in television crime drama The Closer, as well as its spinoff series Major Crimes.

Marion Ramsey (Cadet Laverne Hooks)

47 Here's What The Cast Of Police Academy Look Like Today!

Marion Ramsey is best known for her squeaky voiced performance as Hooks, a sound that she developed after meeting the late Michael Jackson! Among the Police Academy cast, Ramsey’s character is Mahoney’s initial love interest.

Recently, Ramsey has appeared in a number of low budget films including Recipe for Disaster and Return to Babylon, as well as television movies such as Lavalantula.

Michael Winslow (Cadet Larvell Jones)

56 Here's What The Cast Of Police Academy Look Like Today!

Whilst 3 actors appeared in all 7 Police Academy films, Michael Winslow is the only actor that starred in every film as well as the live action ‘Police Academy: The Series’.

Winslow is of course known as ‘the Man of 10’000 sound effects’, due to his ability to make realistic sounds using only his voice, and he was seen in a number of other films during the 1980s, including 1987’s Spaceballs.

Leslie Easterbrook (Sgt. Debbie Callahan)

67 Here's What The Cast Of Police Academy Look Like Today!

Leslie Easterbrook didn’t need to pretend to love guns, as she was a real life National Rifle Association member and a sports shooter, and had even created her own shooting video!

She joined the Police Academy cast after playing Rhoda Lee in Season 6 of the television series Laverne & Shirley in 1980.

Easterbrook is also quite well known for playing the character Rhonda on a television show called Laverne & Shirley, and she is married to M*A*S*H writer Dan Wilcox.

David Graf (Cadet Eugene Tackleberry)

74 Here's What The Cast Of Police Academy Look Like Today!

David Graf was cast in all 7 of the Police Academy films, and we don’t know about you, but Eugene Tackleberry was one of our favourite characters, best remembered for his love of firearms!

He joined the cast and crew after playing Gergley in 1981’s Four Friends as well as many a television production including M*A*S*H, The A Team and The Dukes of Hazzard.

He made his film debut in 1981 when he played Gergley in the drama Four Friends.

Sadly David Graf died of a heart attack in 2001, only nine days before his 51st birthday. He is survived by his wife Kathryn Graf with whom he had 2 sons.

Bubba Smith (Cadet Moses Hightower)

84 Here's What The Cast Of Police Academy Look Like Today!

Bubba Smith began his career as a professional American football player, and he only became an actor after retiring from the sport. He starred as Cadet Moses Hightower.

Cadet Hightower features in all the films of the franchise except Police Academy: Mission to Moscow. In line with Smith’s image as a footballer, Moses Hightower is a fearsome combatant among the characters – but he joins the academy after a career in flower arranging.

Sadly, Smith is also no longer with us, having died in 2011 from acute drug intoxication and heart disease at the age of 66.