Blackadder was one of the quintessential comedies of the 1980s and one of the most popular and well-loved with British audiences, and indeed audiences around the world.

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Each series would see a new set of characters but all supposed-descendants from the originals (though this isn’t explicitly mentioned until the Christmas Special), and each with their own unique character traits that made them fabulous in their own right and they all had hilarious moments.

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But what has happened to the cast of Blackadder since it ended its run? Let’s take a look at the cast and what they’ve been up to and what they look like now…

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Edmund Blackadder – Rowan Atkinson

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Blackadder’s character changes a lot over the 4 seasons, he starts as a snivelling imbecile who relies on the brains of Baldrick(!) to help him get by and try to find a way to get noticed by his father, the King. By season 4 he is a man with cunning and ability who finds himself surrounded by imbeciles, but he keeps them around so he feels better about himself!

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Rowan Atkinson has now had several iconic characters created around himself, with Blackadder, Mr. Bean and Johnny English. He has continued to act since Blackadder and a third Johnny English film is now in post-production!

S. Baldrick – Tony Robinson

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In the first series of Blackadder, Baldrick was actually quite bright and helped his master out, but in the following seasons he became the Baldrick we know and love, one with less brains than a single-celled organism, and one who is most likely to say he has a cunning plan, before revealing it’s not really very cunning at all! Oh, and the S? That stands for Sod-off apparently!

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Tony Robinson is very keen on archaeology and history and has gone on to appear in, and produce several historically-themed programmes. He still acts occasionally, too and popped up on our screens recently as Daddy in “Man Down”!

Percy Percy – Tim McInnerny

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Percy was Edmund Blackadder’s best friend (if he had one) in the first series, and someone he couldn’t get rid of in the second. Though he did almost prove useful when Blackadder was short of cash and managed to discover the secret of alchemy, creating a nugget of the purest Green!

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Tim McInnerny has gone on to be a prolific actor, even appearing in some major productions like Sherlock and Game of Thrones, and he has several projects in the works now, too, so he’s not showing any signs of slowing down!

Lord/General Melchett – Stephen Fry

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In a career-defining role, Stephen Fry was perfectly cast as Lord Melchett, Blackadder’s biggest hindrance to get to the Queen, as Melchett would often show off his wealth and respect from the Queen to annoy Blackadder.

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Stephen Fry has become a stalwart of British entertainment, he presented 13 seasons of Q.I, has starred in some major movies like V For Vendetta and The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and regularly appears on our screens, making them better when he does.

George – Hugh Laurie

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The Prince Regent of England in Series 3, and one of Blackadder’s allies in Series 4, George was not very bright, but he was human, especially in Series 4 when we saw a real vulnerability about George.

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Hugh Laurie has gone on from humble beginnings to become one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, appearing in multiple high-profile productions, but none more so than starring in the title role of House.

Queen Elizabeth I – Miranda Richardson

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Playing the Queen as a spoilt brat was perfect and very much from Miranda Richardson’s own imagining. Queenie ruled over England like a naughty child and loved to be loved by her cohorts.

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Richardson has also gone on to have a prolific career, and has appeared in some big projects over the years including Empire of The Sun, Absolutely Fabulous and the Harry Potter franchise as Reeter Skeeter.

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Which was your favourite series of Blackadder? The second with Queen Elizabeth I? Series 3 with Prince George? Series 4 with the genuinely moving and very poignant ending? Or are you all about where it all began in Series 1? Let us know all of your thoughts and memories of the show in the comments as always!