Do You Remember Jet From ‘Gladiators?’ Check Her Out Now!

This show from the 90s aired on Saturday nights and it was a major topic on the following Monday morning because everyone was watching it. These are the show’s top stars then and what they are up to now.  Take a look:

The best part about this show was Diane Youdale, better known as ‘Jet’.

It’s been 20 years since the show and has been meeting famous people ever since.

However, besides rubbing elbows with celebrities, she has become a director for ‘Soul Dynamics’ which is a therapy, counseling and fitness company.

Although, she likes to reminisce about her days on ‘Gladiators’.  She even tweeted this out a few months ago. . .

Here are other great  ‘Gladiators’ and what they are up to now:

Panther – Helen O’Reilly.

She runs ‘Panther’s Gym’ with her husband.

Lightning – Kim Betts.

She moved to Spain for a while and then returned to the UK to run her property business, ‘Staffordshire’.

Cobra – Michael Wilson.

He tours schools and youth clubs to discuss fitness with kids.

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Saracen – Mike Lewis.

He’s a nobel fireman.

Falcon – Bernadette Hunt.

She has been spotted teaching aerobics classes in Basingstoke (no current photo of her).

Vogue – Suzanne Cox.

She went into the fitness video industry.

Hunter – James Crossley.

He is now a ‘body composition specialist’ (personal trainer).

Rhino – Mark Smith.

He did some movie roles in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides and Batman Begins’.

Warrior – Michael Ahearne.

He owns a gym in Birkenhead.

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Nightshade – Judy Simpson.

Sadly, she fell very ill around the same time that she lost her daughter in 1999.

Wolf – Michael Van Wijk.

This guy has done lots of stuff including acting, becoming a mentor, running a gym and competing in amateur cage fighting in New Zealand.