Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you enjoy devouring a pack of Haribo from time-to-time? If the answer is yes, then you might want to take a visit to Cheshire Oaks Designers Outlet in the North West.

Haribo are opening a shop there that sells exclusively…you’ve guessed it…Haribo sweets!

The store opens next week and sells a whole lot of different sweets, as well as other Haribo merchandise.

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And yes, there is going to be a ginormous pick ‘n’ mix area so that you can choose your favourite sweets, and not have to deal with the ones you’re not so keen on.

It is going to be the third of its kind, and is opening on Tuesday 16th April.

Haribo’s retail manager, Rebecca Fox, said: “After much planning, we’re thrilled to be bringing Haribo’s fun and unique personality to life once more – this time for shoppers at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Cheshire Oaks.

“We opened our first outlet store in December 2017 and in November last year our York store opened its doors too – both are experiencing a great deal of success which we are hoping to replicate and build on.

“Once again we’re excited to showcase our much-loved range and to provide the perfect place for visitors to immerse themselves in the happy world of Haribo whilst enjoying everything that is on offer at the extensive outlet.”

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The people over at Cheshire Oaks seem pretty happy about it too.

Kenny Murray, the Centre Manager of the Designer Outlet complex said: “We are thrilled to welcome Haribo to Cheshire Oaks, they are a fantastic addition and elevate our family friendly offering.

“We look forward to seeing the smiles on our guest’s faces as they experience the new store.”

If you can’t wait a week to see what they have on offer, you could always visit one of their other two stores in either London or York.

Haribo started out in Germany back in Johannes ‘Hans’ Reigel Snr. It was back in 1922 when he invented the gummy bear – what a day in the history of sweets – and they’ve never looked back since then.

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These days they’re pretty much the most recognisable confectionery company in the whole world. They are famous for their Tangfastics, Supermix, Starmix, and Maoam sweets.