Your Old Happy Meal Toys May Be Worth More Than You Think!

I am sure that you ate at McDonalds as a kid at least a few times! We all loved getting the Happy Meal because it came with some really cool toys! Well, it turns out that some of those retro Happy Meal toys might be worth a lot more than you think! Check out these 8 toys listed to see if you have any!

1. My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle toy.

This one is going for $9.99

2. Batman Cars

Selling for $8.99 each!

3. Barbie Toys

They are selling for about $10 each!

4. Looney Tunes Figurines

Selling for about $13 each.

5. Happy Meal Boxes

These boxes are selling for $79.99! I guess it’s not just the toys!

6. Bulk toys

If you have a box of random ones laying around the house you can sell them for close to $50.

7. Disney Movie toys

Selling for around $40 online!

8. McDonalds pens

These toys from the 80s are selling for $99.99!