Any girls who grew up in the 90s will instantly remember the Groovy Chick products that used to grace pencil cases, lunchboxes and pretty much anything else you could stick a logo on!

Now you can indulge in your inner 90s tween and buy your favourite Bang On the Door t-shirts from online retailer TruffleShuffle, who have just released some limited edition tops for anyone who wants to indulge in a 90s nostalgia trip.

There are three new designs available, so now you’ve got no excuse to dig out your old jelly shoes and start crimping your hair again! The first design is a Groovy Chick baseball t-shirt which retails at only £24.99 from TruffleShuffle – perfect for a school disco.

You can also buy a classic 90s-style pink halterneck design for the same price, or even pick up a bright pink scoop neck top for £19.99.

We’re not sure why the company has released these special edition clothes, but we don’t really care either! 90s kids will just be hoping that the company also releases some merchandise featuring fellow Bang on the Door members Starlet and Go Girl!

In the meantime, high street chains have been busy selling their own nineties-inspired products for you to enjoy. For example, at the moment you can buy Groovy Chick socks from Primark that are currently selling for just £2.50.

Topshop are also selling these 90s inflatable backpacks which are really helping to take us right back to our childhood school days.

Polly Pocket is also making a comeback this summer as Mattel relaunch the OG 90s toys. It seems as though everyone’s trying to get in on the current nostalgia trip for all things nineties, and we certainly aren’t complaining. We’ll be rocking our Groovy Chick tops and playing Polly Pocket in no time! How about you?