This Glitch On Paper Mario Uncovers A Mind-Blowing Message

If you played games at all whilst growing up you will certainly remember the Paper Mario franchise. They brought us some of the best games on the N64 and Gamecube in my opinion. Now after 16 years of being released there has been a message that we never noticed before until now! Youtuber Stryder7x explains that in the Japanese version of the game if you try to use a speed running skip to access areas of the game you shouldn’t yet you get this alarming message.

If you talk to the other characters in the area you also get the same message with little changes but basically the same thing. When talking to the toads you get this message: “This message should not appear. I’ll be scared if it does…” and “You shouldn’t be able to get in here yet. If you did, it’s a bug, so please get in contact.

So what did Stryder7x do? They tried to reach out to Nintendo America through Twitter but never got a reply.

This is not the first time that this has happened in a Nintendo game, though! In the Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, if you have a pirated version of the game a sailor delivers a strong message to the player.

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It’s been a trend that Nintendo has a bunch of hidden gems within many of their games. Even in the Super Mario 64 game, there is rumour that there is a coin that has never been collected until now.

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