The 80s had it all for us and we really miss those fond times we had back then. Girl’s especially had it good with all of the amazing toys and accessories that came out. Nowadays it is nothing like the 80s and we love glancing back at how it was and even showing our kids today how it was. So in honor of a great decade let’s take a look at some things that every girl held fond to their heart.

1. Glittery Stickers

And if they were My Little Pony stickers we had to have them!

2. Pink Camera

We had to have this one for all of those school field trips.

3. Swatch Watch

We really wanted one of these.

4. Fruity Lip Gloss

Which flavour did you love the most?

5. Flower Fairies

Which ones did you have?

6. Phone with a dial.

We didn’t have iPhones back then!

7. Sweet Valley High Books.

Every girl read these back then.

8. Lock and roll curlers.

Most of us didn’t have this but we sure wanted it.

9. Jem Doll

We loved her earrings!

10. Tinkerbell makeup

We felt like a grown up with this stuff.