Baby Spice, one fifth of the most successful girl band in history! Emma Lee Bunton was born on 21st January 1976, in Finchley, North London. To karate teacher, Mum, Pauline, and milkman Dad, Trevor. Who separated when Emma was 11.
Emma’s love of singing, dancing and acting began early on in her childhood! At age 11, she started attenting the Sylvia Young Theatre School. Her road to stardom began…

Emma did alot of modelling as a child. Including catalogue modelling from the age of 6 until she was 12. Excitingly it meant going to shoot on location in places like Portugal, Corsica, Lanzarote. It was a two week shoot too! Which Emma loved as about ten children went and they only worked every other day!
Here, a young Emma poses for a knitting pattern!
Before her pop super stardom, Emma appeared in Eastenders in 1992 and The Bill in 1993! Then in 1994 a girl band was looking for a new member after a girl, Michelle Stephenson left! Emma went with her Mum, to meet these girls at a train station and the rest is history!

The Spice Girls! Mel B, Geri, Victoria, Mel C and Emma! Lived together in the beginning and the five bonded. They wrote their own songs, performed wherever they could! Simon Fuller came into their world, and they got signed by Virgin Records. The girls released their Girl Power into the world in 1996, with their huge hit of a single, Wannabe! Emma the girl in pink, with pig tails and her Mum as her best friend. Given the name, Baby, by Top Of The Pops magazine, as she was the youngest in the band!

The first membership card from The Spice Girls fanclub! Emma wears her trademark pink! On the back of the card it reads,’For instant Girl Power, flash your official Spice Girls ID card!’

The Spice Girls music was a global success! The world could’nt get enough of them! Their debut album, Spice. Which was followed by, Spiceworld! Emma often sang the high notes. The girls were constantly travelling, Emma often got homesick, so she would sleep in one of the girls hotel rooms with them!

The merchandise for the Spice Girls was huge! Like never been seen before. Woolworth’s even dedicated a whole aisle to the girl’s merchandise!

Spiceworld, the Movie! Filmed in London in the Summer of 1997. Emma’s Sylvia Young training came into action! The video release came in limited edition tins, each girl had their own. With Emma’s being the favourite, she had quickly become the most popular Spice Girl!

A favourite item to collect were the mini books Emma’s was called, Baby Talking! Sharing secrets about life, love, happiness, fashion tips. She say’s she still gets goosebumps when she hears one of their songs! And, you can still be a strong female and wear make up and a wonder bra!

A page in the mini book! Emma’s ambition was for the five girls to stay happy in the band, and to buy her Mum a house! With her future fortune, that’s what she did! A house for Mum, Pauline, was brought in Hertfordshire!

Emma with her beloved Mum! They like to watch Eastenders together and eat chocolate Rollos! They speak on the phone every day! She’s the woman Emma most admires and to her she is perfect! Awww!
Pauline say’s though she showers Emma with love, she is also very truthful with her. If something is’nt working or does’nt look right, she’ll tell her as you should get the absolute truth from your parents as they love you.

Spice Girls publicity picture, from America. The girls have described Emma as always being there for cuddles, and she does’nt look like she could ever be naughty, but she is!!

The Summer of 1998, the girls toured for three months across America, to sell out shows! Completing every date! Girl Power took over the States! Touring as a four piece, due to the departure of Geri! Emma’s best day in America was going to Disney World! Emma had by then got use to being away from home and enjoyed her own space much more!
Before the tour Emma had met a singer from a band called Damage. Jade Jones, the pair had started dating! Jade was to become permanent in Emma’s life and Father to her children. Though they spilt once, but obviouly fate meant them to be together!
This book Forever Spice, beautifully photographed by Dean Freeman, capturing tour life.

Baby Spice, with pink pigtails! Backstage before a gig!

Show time!

Performing to another sell out show in America!

The girls, August 1999, Abbey Road Studio’s, for their third album. This time as a four piece!

Emma’s first solo album, A Girl Like Me. Featuring hits, What Took Yoy So Long? and What I Am!

Happy Families! Emma in the glossies! With her partner Jade Jones, they have two boys together, Beau and Tate.

Baby Spice, sweet, pink and candyfloss! In the 90s she was looked up to as a role model by thousands of little girls around the world! She is still popular today. The girl from Finchley has certainly done good!!
Girl Power!!