Fans of the 1987 Patrick Swayze classic, Dirty Dancing, might want to look into taking a trip to Virginia this summer.

In the 60s-set romantic drama, Jennifer Grey‘s ‘Baby’ is dragged by her parents to Kellerman’s for summer vacation, where she falls in love with Swayze’s charismatic dance instructor.

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In the movie, Kellerman’s is a resort located in New York’s idyllic Catskills Mountains, but in reality the hotel was actually a few states south.

‘Kellerman’s is actually the Mountain Lake Lodge Hotel in Pembroke, Virginia, where Dirty Dancing shot way back in 1986.

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The resort is still in operation today, and wannabe Babys and Johnnys can book themselves a place there right now.

Guests can stay at the Mountain Lake resort’s Stone Lodge, where much of the film shot, but there are plenty of other recognisable sights for Dirty Dancing acolytes.

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The resort even offers guests a map of Dirty Dancing shooting locations in the area, for anybody who wants to give themselves a tour.

One of these locations, of course, includes the lake from the iconic scene in which Jennifer Grey is lifted out of the water and into the air by Patrick Swayze.