Ready Player One has become a massive hit movie. It had so much hype surrounding it leading up to its release that many people thought it simply couldn’t live up to the name it was already making for itself.

However, add lashings of incredible references to dozens of movies, video games and TV shows that any thirty something can relate to, add a dash of Spielberg magic and there was nothing to worry about!

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Let’s have a look at some of the best references that hark back to 80s movies, games and TV shows – did you notice all of these when you were watching the film?

1. Freddy Krueger

One of the ultimate horror icons of the 1980s and the main villain in the Nightmare on Elm Street series of films, Freddy was terrifying to a generation! Did you notice him as a player’s avatar during one of the battles?

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2. Jason Voorhese

Going up against Freddy Krueger as the ultimate slasher movie villain, hockey-masked Jason Voorhese is also seen as a player’s avatar during one of the battle scenes – did you spot him?

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3. Chucky

This one was a lot easier to spot, as rather than an avatar, Chucky is fired as a weapon towards the enemy and makes the most of his brief screen time! One of the most controversial of all horror movie icons ever thanks to some copy-cat attacks following Child’s Play 3, Chucky hit the imagination hard in the 80s!

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4. Big-Foot

Not the lead character from “Harry and the Hendersons”, but the Monster Truck of the same name, Big-Foot was a real icon of the 1980s and everyone wanted to see the truck crushing cars like tin cans beneath it! Did you spot it in one of the racing sequences?

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5. Tron Cycle

The bikes from Tron were one of those flawless designs that stuck in the memory for years, especially with the trail of light following them around. Did you spot one of the Tron bikes in one of the race sequences?

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6. Motorcycle from Akira

This was one for the more geeky amongst us, and if you’re anything like me then when Art3mis pulled up to the inital race on this bike you will have been struggling to stay still on your seat, prodding your neighbour and saying, “It’s the bike from Akira, it’s the bike from Akira!!”

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7. The Sulaco

This was a difficult one to spot, did you notice the spaceship from the classic 80s film Aliens, The Sulaco? No? It was seen as a toy version of the ship in a bit of a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment.

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8. K.I.T.T

Another of those that’s seen in the racing sequences, did you notice Michael Knight’s best friend and helpful assistant, the magnificent K.I.T.T from Knight Rider? If not, did you notice…

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9. The A-Team Van

This was a real iconic vehicle and recognisable from afar, the big black van with the red paint down the side, you can just about hear B.A saying, “I pity the fool…” whenever you see this! Did you notice it in the racing sequence?

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10. Christine

Last racing sequence reference, I promise! Did you notice Christine racing round the track? Christine who? Christine the car from the classic Stephen King film, “Christine”!

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11. Prince

There are several points when Wade dresses as classic characters and stars from the past, did you see the moment when he appeared as Prince from the Purple Rain video?

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12. Thriller

Another moment when Wade puts on a costume of sorts, he dresses as Michael Jackson from the classic video of Thriller. No matter how hard I try I can’t do that bloody thing when they shuffle to the side and do that thing with their head! So frustrating!

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13. The Shining

This was not such a subtle reference as one long sequence is set inside the Overlook Hotel from The Shining, with the characters running in to the freaky twins, the river of blood and the “sexy” naked woman that’s actually a disgusting, mouldy old hag!

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14. Another Spielberg Classic is seen

In one scene, we see a glimpse of a Raiders of the Lost Ark poster on the wall in a bedroom. A nod to a true masterpiece by the magician himself, Steven Spielberg!

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15. Robocop

Another classic 80s icon, this time from an action film rather than an out and out horror movie, though it does have its parts that are hard to watch! Robocop is seen in one of the battles as one of the player’s avatars. Begs the question, who would win in a fight, Freddy, Jason or Robocop?!

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16. The DeLorean

Leaving one of the best until last, this one is one of the least subtle in the film, as Wade’s transport of choice is none other that the DeLorean from Back to the Future, kitted out with Flux Capacitor and everything! A nod to one of the great movie series of the era!

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Have you seen Ready Player One? If not, has this made you want to? Did we miss any classic 80s references from the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments as always!