It’s always fun to watch kid celebrities as they grow up and transform into a whole different person!

Do you remember Charlotte and Chloe Burge? They are the 19-year-old twin daughters of Dean Gaffney and his ex Sarah Burge. Check them out:

Can you believe that Dean is their father?

He is only 38-years old!

Do they remind you of Mary-Kate and Ashley?

According to Dean’s Instagram account, they girls are making Dean feel quite old.

Yet he talks about how proud he is of his girls.


Looks like they get along with his new girlfriend too!

See Dean’s new girlfriend on the next page…

Dean took Charlotte to Katie Price and Kieran Hayler’s wedding last year giving them a taste of the celebrity lifestyle.

Look’s like Dean is getting her ready for all of the fame!

Dean and Sarah split last year after being together for 22 years!

This is sad.

Dean is also proud of his new girlfriend! He posted these pics:


And if it makes you feel any better, you won’t be the only one who’s amazed by how beautiful Dean’s kids are.

Rebekah posted a version of the photo of the four of them together at the top of the page and jokingly captioned it: “How he created these two beautiful stunners I will never know!”


Good work Dean!