Dad Live-Tweets Stepson Sneaking A Girl Out Of The House

One Michigan teen is probably going to be wishing he’d never arranged that ‘sleepover’ right about now.

On Sunday morning, @DropsNoPanties – who goes by Tricky-D on Twitter – began live-tweeting most parents’ (and indeed most teenagers’) horror scenario.

His stepson upstairs with a mystery girl who had stayed the night, Tricky-D reported that ‘Mama Bear’ still had no idea, in spite of the “f*** fest above our heads at 4am”.

In a tension-filled situation not known since the heyday of Alfred Hitchcock, Tricky-D revealed that the whole house was awake, and that there was only one sensible way out for his son’s ‘guest’.

The side door at the bottom of the stairs would have made for a quick getaway, but mystery girl’s shoes were at the other end of the house.

As the whole world waited with baited breath, Tricky-D suggested that the matriarch of the house was only getting closer to her son’s bedroom.

Still, as Tricky-D quite reasonably put it: “He’s a 18yo grown ass man. We live and die by our choices”.

After the two teens had spent hours waiting it out upstairs, with Mom temporarily occupied, the mystery girl finally emerged to use the bathroom – and then came the twist.

As it turned out, the girl wasn’t some new love, but one of the stepson’s best buds.

As Tricky-D’s wife, still none-the-wiser, went for a power nap, the sneaking son finally decided to make a move.

First retrieving his companion’s shoes, Tricky-D’s son collected his friend and made a break for it, exiting through the side door.

At the end of his ordeal, Tricky-D understandably had this to say: “I don’t know about you but need a drink after that suspense.”