Creepy Things Your Zodiac Sign Say About You

Like ghosts, aliens and the Loch Ness Monster, you either choose to believe in the signs of the Zodiac or not. Even if you don’t believe that the stars harbour clues about the fate of your fortune or the length of your love-life, we’ve all turned to the horoscope at some point in our lives – just to see if it is the right time to make that life-changing decision or not.

Zodiac Creepy Things Your Zodiac Sign Say About You

Mostly, people want to look for the good qualities of their sign and are blissfully ignorant of any weird, strange or down-right terrifying things that exist in their chart. But the fact of it is, there are a few not-so good things that your Zodiac sign can say about you. The good news it that we’re going to go through them all right now. Have a look and see if any of these traits apply to you?

1. Aries – Shockingly Violent

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Yup that’s right! There’s no going under it and there’s no going under it – if you’re an Aries then you are more than likely a violent person. You are as headstrong and opinionated as Leo’s and Sagittarius, but unlike these people, your energy can turn into explosive violence in the blink of an eye. Your mood swings are volatile and unpredictable. The more you try to hide it, the more it escapes. Help the general public out by getting a punchbag and sticking it your garage please?

2. Taurus – Perfectly Possessive

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Some things you just can’t control – but Taurus’s don’t seem to understand this. You feel the need to keep everything just the way it is, and this insistence can often border on obsession. Your persistence, materialism and sentimentality can mean that you never let things go, and the more you care, the more stubbornly you will defend them. Also, you need to stop being such hoarders! Get rid of some of that junk – you don’t need it!

3. Gemini – Two-Faced Liars

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There’s a reason that the Gemini zodiac has two faces. Your friends know that you talk behind their backs. It’s not that you’re a bad person, you just can’t help yourself letting others know how you feel. But now that your friends know that their information isn’t safe, they will no longer confide in you. You feel bad for it, and you know that it can be damaging, but this doesn’t stop you. At least you are charming enough to make new friends to replace those you’ve hurt.

4. Cancer – You Enjoy Being Wronged

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You like to know that you’re needed in someones life, and you get off on this fact. You know that you’re getting the short end of the stick in life, and that you’re constantly having to care for other people but you revel in this fact. You plough on in the face of misfortune and injustice. It’s sad but it’s true – you think a lot about people depending on you and this only enhances your self-perpetuating victim complex. Ouch.

5. Leo – You Love Yourself

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Aren’t you just the best? Everywhere you go, people love you and you always seem to be in the spotlight. But you don’t care, right? You LOVE it! And you’re pretty sure your friends don’t care. Why would they? You’re kind and caring and generous and fun and actually just amazing…aren’t you? Who cares if you steal anyone else’s thunder or fuel drama just to feed your thirst for a dramatic life? Sometimes you like to imagine your own funeral and see who out of your friends would go and what wonderful things they would say about you. Well…probably not that many.

6. Virgo – You’re a Disturbing Control Freak

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Virgo’s are so invested in making sure that everything around them is perfect that instead of showing they care, they will plan and control everything without asking anyone else’s input. They justify this by telling themselves at least they’re not burdening anyone else with extra work. You disguise personal control by calling it ‘dedication’ and you need it so badly that you confuse the two. It is not a great quality in a friend, but very helpful in an aspiring serial killer.

7. Libra – You Emphasise with Horrific People

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You go Libra! You are empathetic and fair minded. You only make a decision after weighing up every contributing factor – a very wise and sensible thing to do. But because of this, you can be perceived as being a little flakey, but also kind, just and fair. But this fair-mindedness comes with its downside. You give equal weight to someone whose morals are deeply horrifying when weighing up on your decision. This ability leaves you sympathising with the worst of the worst.


8. Scorpio – Revelling in the Macabre

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Scorpios, you have something very, very wrong with the internal compass that points to things that interest you and motivate you. The more upsetting and gross something is, the more you are drawn and repulsed by it un equal measure. Crime, tragedy and taboo will grab your attention over the nice things, and you will stay fascinated by them long after everyone else has lost the stomach to keep looking. You love the drama, and the more macabre it is, the better.

9. Sagittarius – The Perfect Cult Leader

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Hey Sagittarius! You’re an inspiring friend, a great leader…you’re optimistic, adventurous, imaginative and have a wanderlust for new ideas. This thirst has helped you create a wide network of friends and people who would follow you to the ends of the Earth…and even jump off if you told them to. You want to venture out into the world and take your lust for life to the masses, preaching your findings to them. Yes, it sounds quite glossy on the outside, but these are the perfect qualities for starting a cult. That’s not such a great thing.

10. Capricorn – An Ambitious and Emotionless Sea-Goat

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You’re full of ambition and desire! You friends admire you for this quality, and you cannot imagine a world where these qualities burden you. Whilst your fierce focus could carry you far, the same cannot be said for those who don’t get out of your way. You wouldn’t care about the expenses you have to go to in order to achieve your goal, even if that means trampling a few people on the way up the ladder. If anyone stands in between you and your dreams, it’s their fault if they get hurt, right?

11. Aquarius – A World-Fixing Sociopath

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Aquarius believe that they know how to change the world for the better. They do not let pesky things like empathy tell them which improvements should be made. It is not their job to think about people and their feelings, they have work to do! They know what the world needs and you and your amazing talents are going to fulfil those needs. Who cares about other people’s feelings or lives? They cannot afford to please everyone, and for the better good, someone is going to get hurt in the process.

12. Pisces – An Emotionally Volatile Nightmare 

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And finally, we come to Pisces. Your heart guides you, and whilst this sounds nice and dreamy, it’s not as romantic as it sounds. Your feelings can inspire you to heal and create, and as long as these feelings don’t start steering you in the right direction, you’re capable of truly visionary accomplishments in the name of empathy and love. However, these forces that inspire you to make the world a better place can also take you to dark places, especially if believing that the subject of your hurt has shown unwarranted cruelty to either you or something you hold dear. You know these feelings aren’t necessarily rational, but it doesn’t stop you blaming other people for causing you pain. But don’t let your crying turn into something more…revengeful! That doesn’t solve anything…or does it?