Chocoholics who don’t have a Costco card might want to sign up when they hear about the latest bargain on offer from the wholesaler.

Costco, which boasts 29 stores across the UK, is currently selling Nestle’s 71-bar Big Biscuit Box for just £8 to members.

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The box contains 18 KitKats, 14 Toffee Crisps, 7 Yorkies, 16 Breakaways and 16 Blue Ribands, which individually under the deal will set you back just 11p per bar.

On Amazon, the Big Biscuit Box is more than double the price, coming to £19.95.

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Unfortunately, only Costco trade card-holders will reap the benefit of the £8 deal, and not everyone is eligible to sign up.

To get a Costco trade card, which comes to £26.40 for the year, customers have to first prove they own a business.

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You can also attain membership for £33.60 (or £15 online) per year, but it depends on your meeting certain employment criteria.

Individual membership is available to current or retired employees of a select number of professions, including the armed forces, education and healthcare.