The Cast Of ‘The Cosby Show’: How The Looked Then And How They Look Now

Who could forget this iconic show? We all loved to watch it for its positive moral values and constant humor.  We were also intrigued by this family and often wished that could be a part of it in some way.  Even if we were just friends with one of the Huxtables! The parents were not only successful but passionate about their family ties and it was a refreshing change in the way we were used to watching sitcoms.  This show made stars out of all those who participated in it and needless to say, we watched them all grow up into mature adults and now we get to look back at them as they were while checking out what they look like now. Take a look and see if you can still recognize your favorite Huxtable character from The Cosby Show:

Bill Cosby -Cliff Huxtable.

He was the lovable and funny father of the show, named after him.


This is Bill Cosby in 2014 still hanging in there!

Phylicia Rashad.

The beautiful and smart wife who often took control of the entire household.


She is still beautiful!

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The young teenager always trying to find his way with the guidance of his father.


Here he is all grown up!  Looks like he found his way just fine.

Lisa Bonet.

She was a fashion icon on this show.


She still intrigues us.

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She was smart and always struggling with her womanhood.


She’s grown, beautiful and is a reality TV star.

Little Rudy.

She gave Bill Cosby a run for his money playing opposite him. They had some great moments!


She’s a big girl now and so pretty!