Remember Lewis Skolnick From ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’? Check Him Out Now!

This movie was the one that made it okay and even cool to be a nerd.  When these guys get to college, they hoped that things for them would be different.  Only to find out that they are not accepted anywhere and so they bound together and start their own fraternity chapter.  Meanwhile, the ‘cool’ people continue to degrade them until they get smart and fight back!  It’s fun to take a look at these creative characters then and see what they look like now.

1. Lewis Skolnick – Robert Carradine.

He was the main character who ended up leading this group of nerds to the height of coolness!  He also ends up with the girl.

2. Gilbert Lowe – Anthony Edwards.

He was Lewis’ best friend and he was extremely supportive of his friend’s ambitions.

3. Booger – Curtis Armstrong.

His character was less of a genius and more of a gross oddity.  I guess someone has to do it because it helped make this movie memorable and hilarious!

4. Harold Wormser – Andrew Cassese.

He was the youngest nerd who made it to college at an early age because of his genius. He was only 12-years-old when he played this role.

5. Fred ‘The Ogre’ Palowakski – Donald Gibb.

He eventually joined the nerds because deep down, he had a good heart

6. Stan Gable – Ted McGinley.

This guy was mean to the nerds and eventually lost everything because of it.

7. Lamar Latrell – Larry B. Scott.

He was confident in his ways and we loved the way he expressed himself so easily.

8. Judy – Michelle Meyrink.

She was the female nerd that fell for Gilbert.

9. Arnold Poindexter – Timothy Bushfield.

This guy play the role of a nerdy violinist to perfection!  I absolutely loved the hair and glasses.

10. Betty Childs – Julie Montgomery.

She was the pretty and popular one who eventually fell in love with a nerd!  She was impressed by the way he kissed.